Moving from Waterfall to Scrum - A Client Success Story

Anthony Mersino
February 26, 2016

Several years ago I had the opportunity to support a growing consulting firm with their transformation to Scrum. It's been exciting to watch Highland Solutions learn, adapt, and grow as a team in their ability to organize and deliver great client solutions.

The attached Case Study describes their approach and some of their learning along the way.  It also highlights the significant benefits they've seen as a result of their Agile Transformation.  There were multiple challenges being faced by the organization in 2012 when they began their agile journey:

  • The organization was technically savvy, but lacked consistent processes for developing and delivering client solutions.
  • There was also a growing disconnect between the leadership team and the millennials who made up the workforce.
  • Leadership was concerned about how to best engage the young and highly mobile workforce.
  • Finally, as a small and privately held firm, there was little sharing of financial or performance information outside the leadership team.

Since moving to Scrum in 2013, the company performance has been nothing short of remarkable. 

  • In 2015, Highland was named to the list of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies
  • The company has grown from 25 employees in 2012 tonearly 50 in 2015.
  • Sales have doubled

  • Profitability has increased three-fold

Agile directly helped with:

  • Increasing the accuracy of delivery dates by using each team’s velocity and the client’s project backlog.
  • Improving overall organization capacity and resource planning.


Download the Highland Solutions Case Study on Agile Transformation

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Anthony is passionate about helping technology teams THRIVE and organizations TRANSFORM.  He loves partnering with organizations to help teams with Agile thinking and the Scrum Framework.  He teaches Agile and Scrum as well as the cultural elements that are necessary for an organization to gain true business agility. Anthony has  authored numerous articles and two books: Agile Project Management, and Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers.