Resources for Agile Leaders

Looking for resources to help you succeed with Agile or make the transition to Scrum?  We've organized this summary of our detailed articles and popular blogs to provide you everything you need to successfully transition to using Agile and Scrum, or to support your Agile Transformation.  

How to Transition from Waterfall to Scrum

The Agile Leaders Role in Agile Adoption or Transformation

How to Create High Performance Teams

Agile Metrics and Success Measurements


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Agile & Scrum for Teams
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Agile Project Management:
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Your Guide to Successfully Applying Agile, 
Scrum, Kanban, & Lean To Your Next Project
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Learn How This Large
Fintech Organization 
Transformed to Agile
A Case Study on Agile
Learn How to Transform 
Your Organization from
Waterfall to Scrum
A Kickstarter Guide On
Agile Transformation


About Anthony Mersino

Anthony is passionate about helping technology teams THRIVE and organizations TRANSFORM.  He loves partnering with organizations to help teams with Agile thinking and the Scrum Framework.  He teaches Agile and Scrum as well as the cultural elements that are necessary for an organization to gain true business agility. Anthony has  authored numerous articles and two books: Agile Project Management, and Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers.