When to Hire an Agile Coach

Anthony Mersino
February 14, 2015

How does an organization decide it is time to hire an Agile Coach? What are the indications that coaching is needed?

Last week I wrote about exit criteria for Agile Coaching - how to know when you no longer need a coach. Thanks to those of you who shared your insights! This week I am looking at 'entrance criteria' for coaching. That is, how would an organization know that they needed a coach?

Here are some of the ideas that I came up with.

  • You have a team doing grassroots agile and they are either struggling or failing to mature and grow
  • Your own employees lack credibility when trying to coach teams and an outsider brings expertise
  • You have a team but no Scrum Master, or the Scrum Master is not trained or knowledgable
  • Organization wants to effectively run their first Agile pilot team
  • You recognize that you are a command and control organization who wants to be more agile
  • You’ve piloted Agile and want to scale up
  • You have a coach but you feel you’ve outgrown her/him
  • Your organization's agile-antibodies are attacking your teams

What do you think? When do you think it is appropriate for an organization hire a coach?

About Anthony Mersino

Anthony is passionate about helping technology teams THRIVE and organizations TRANSFORM.  He loves partnering with organizations to help teams with Agile thinking and the Scrum Framework.  He teaches Agile and Scrum as well as the cultural elements that are necessary for an organization to gain true business agility. Anthony has  authored numerous articles and two books: Agile Project Management, and Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers.