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10 Questions PMOs Should Ask their Agile Teams

I was working with an Agile coaching client this week.  Even though they are a large and conservative firm, they want their technology teams to become more Agile.  They have just a few Scrum teams at this time representing perhaps 20% of their IT portfolio.

Trying to be Indispensable?  Stop it!

I received an email last week that had the subject line, "Become Indispensable to Your Organization”.

It bothered me all week.

Why did it bother me? Did they really mean indispensable?


1. absolutely necessary.



How to Remove Fear and Blame from Your Project Review Process

Lately I've been thinking and writing about project reviews and agile retrospectives. I explored why I think traditional lessons learned exercises are a waste, and how to improve retrospectives when you have them. This post is going to focus on how to lead a review or retrospective without pointing fingers or blaming others. We’ll look at why fear and blame are so harmful, and then specific steps you can take prior to a review and during the review to reduce or eliminate fear and blaming.

Why Fear and Blame Need to Go

Can You Dictate that Someone be Agile?

I'd like to share some recent client engagements involving vendor development, and hear what you are seeing when companies who are working with vendors for development want to be Agile.  

The common thread of these examples is that there is a client company in the US, and development is being done by a vendor, typically offshore.