Agile Coaching & Assessments
Agile and Scrum Coaching

As Agile and Scrum Coaches, we come alongside your Scrum Teams and help them grow through teaching, mentoring, and feedback appropriate to the team maturity level.  We observe key Scrum events, and provide one-on-one coaching for Scrum Masters and Product Owners.  Most new Scrum Teams require coaching, especially in the first 6 sprints.  Our experience has shown that within 6-9 sprints, teams require less and less coaching and are well on their way to self-organization.

We also work with the leaders in the organization, and the Agile Champions team to help address organizational impediments and support Agile Transformations (see more below). 

"Anthony has been a great coach and mentor who helped me learn a lot about Agile and Scrum and how it can be successfully adopted at Bank of America. He is absolutely great with one on one situational coaching and supported me in my role as Scrum Master to implement Scrum. He has a great sense of humor to connect with different teams and is liked by everyone in the department. I strongly recommend Anthony and thank him for all his help."  

— Ashok Koduri, Vice President Application QA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Team Assessments and Surveys

Team level assessments provide insights into team health, performance, and maturity.  Vitality Chicago Inc. offers a Scrum Adoption assessment which measures 50 key adoption criteria and provides a gauge of the team's maturity.  We also offer a Team Health Survey which captures team member opinions about 12 key team dimensions.  Both surveys can be used quarterly to help teams see strengths and weaknesses, areas where they have improved, and areas where they may want to further improve.  Vitality Chicago Inc. can also make recommendations to managers and leaders regarding systemic challenges or patterns seen across teams.

"We hired Anthony as an Agile coach at Northern Trust to help us transform our waterfall methodology organization into Agile. In just three weeks we were up and running with a team following Scrum and learning to be Agile. In two more, we added another team, and a couple later a third one. Anthony is an Agile evangelist, extremely disciplined and organized. His commitment, professionalism and dedication are higher than average. From day one he focused on meeting key stakeholders in all levels and making plans for Agile introduction based on our needs. I am very happy we hired met Anthony and would recommend him without a doubt as an Agile coach."  

— Carlos Matta, Scrum Master at Northern Trust Corporation




Agile Transformations
Planning for Agile Adoption or Transformation

Taking on an Agile Transformation is a big deal.  Our coaches have experience working with teams and can help with planning for success.

Planning a transformation generally starts with a Transformation Roadmap.  We will work with you to determine the organizational structures that will support Agile and Scrum adoption as well as to identify organizational impediments.  We can recommend selection criteria for an Agile pilot project and get started planning that pilot with product roadmaps and initial product backlogs.  We can strategize on forming Scrum Teams, identify skill gaps, and develop training plans for success.  We can help you to map out appropriate space for your team to co-locate, select tools, and everything else required to set your team up for success.

Planning your own Agile transformation? Get our Agile and Scrum Planning checklist below.

"Anthony worked with us to understand our team and current process and apply the aspects of Scrum/Agile that worked for our team. And they did! Anthony brought his knowledge and humor to deliver agile and scrum training to our team in a very effective, straightforward, and entertaining way. After training, he brought in an experienced Agile coach who worked with us through our first few iterations and got us going on the right track. I’m very happy with the way things worked out and Anthony and his team did a fantastic job. I would absolutely recommend Anthony and his coaches for new teams picking up Agile for the first time."  

— Jason Ziolo, Vice President of Customer Operations, Riverstar Software


Coaching Agile Leaders

As coaches, we work closely with leaders to help them to support and encourage the teams they lead and to maximize the effectiveness of Agile and Scrum in the organization. We come alongside your leaders with mentoring, feedback and powerful questions appropriate to the individual. We also observe or facilitate your meetings and debrief afterwards to provide an environment of learning and growth. We help leaders to have crucial conversations and to express themselves in ways that help them and those they lead to grow.

"I worked with Anthony during a time of great transition at The Carlyle Group. We were shifting our delivery model to Agile, and Anthony was my Agile coach. Anthony proved an invaluable resource in coaching myself and the team through the tenants of Agile, jump starting the project, and, most importantly, helping the team from resorting back to the comfortable waterfall ways we were so used to. He has a very positive attitude, and his passion for agile and team building truly engaged the team. I highly recommend Anthony and his skills for any organization looking for assistance with agile."  

— Andrew Schreiber, Director of HCM Systems and Processes at Georgetown University