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How do you Measure the Effectiveness of Agile Approaches?

I meet with a lot of organizations who want to be Agile. When I ask why, most will respond with mechanical and tactical reasons:

  • Improve On Time Delivery
  • Align Business and Technology
  • Flexibility to Respond to Change 

Are these the right things to measure?  If you achieve this, will you create a competitive advantage, or even parity?  Do these represent business agility?  

Agile Teams: Deciding What to Measure

In my previous post, I talked about some of the ways that Agile leaders foster incorrect behaviors by measuring the wrong things. The recent shenanigans at Wells Fargo serve as a great example of what can go wrong when measurements are set up poorly.

Want High-Performing Teams? Stop Measuring the Wrong Things

Avoid Measurements that Inhibit High-Performing Teams

Most leaders would say that they want to create high-performing teams. Unfortunately, many don't see that the way that they measure, track and report on their teams actually causes performance to suffer. Poorly chosen measurements can lead to negative and undesirable results.  

Dilbert Comic Strip

10 Questions PMOs Should Ask their Agile Teams

I was working with an Agile coaching client this week.  Even though they are a large and conservative firm, they want their technology teams to become more Agile.  They have just a few Scrum teams at this time representing perhaps 20% of their IT portfolio.