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Eliminate Waste - A PMO Call to Action

In my previous post, I described some Agile coaching I was doing with a large, conservative Chicago client working in a highly regulated environment.  Like other firms in their industry, they have used traditional SDLC approaches and they are now striving to become more agile as part of their waterfall to Scrum transformation.  And they are getting some traction.  They have a few technology teams using Scrum successfully though that represents a small fraction of all their developmen

Do You Want Agile Adoption or Agile Transformation?

Most of the clients who seek out our help ask about Agile adoption.  They usually have a couple of teams developing solutions using a traditional approach, and they'd like them to begin using Agile. For them, it is just a process change.  They want their teams to develop faster, or to collaborate closely with the business people.  Or they want a simpler process for introducing change that is fast and allows them to be more responsive. 

Can You Dictate that Someone be Agile?

I'd like to share some recent client engagements involving vendor development, and hear what you are seeing when companies who are working with vendors for development want to be Agile.  

The common thread of these examples is that there is a client company in the US, and development is being done by a vendor, typically offshore.