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Get Your PMI Agile Certification (PMI-ACP) Without Hardly Trying

Looking for information on the PMI-ACP from PMI? This post describes what it takes to get the PMI Agile certification. Depending on your starting point, you can probably get your PMI-ACP certification with minimal Agile Training and preparation. This blog provides all the information that you might find helpful in deciding if you should get your PMI-ACP or not.​

Agile Practice Guide - PMI’s Take on the Agile Methodology

PMI Produced a Guide to the Agile Methodology?

Agile Training - A Quick Guide to Agile and Scrum Training Certifications

Are you bewildered by the number of Agile and Scrum certifications and Agile Training courses offered today? Do you wonder what would be the best Agile or Scrum certification for you, or which will provide the greatest return on your time and money?

​This is a question that I get asked frequently by those new to Agile and Scrum. It doesn't help that the names of the certification and the certification bodies are strikingly similar. Anyone new to Agile Training would be understandably confused.