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Don't Overlook this Requirement for High Performing Teams

Most leaders would claim that they want high-performing teams but many of them don't know what it takes to create them. In some cases, leaders actually behave in ways that undermine high-performing teams.

Can Leaders Create High Performing Teams?

How do you create High-Performance Teams?  More specifically, how do you create high-performing teams from your current employees?

Fear Has To Go for High Performing Teams To Succeed

How pervasive is fear in our workplaces? Take a moment and think about your own company. Are people mostly fear free, or mostly fearful?

I ran into fear recently when working with a client new to Agile. We were talking about how Agile worked with teams. A team member asked a simple question that provided some insights into their thinking. He asked what was the punishment for teams that did not finish all their work planned for the Sprint.

How To Create High-Performing Teams - What I learned from Google

I was excited to read this recent New York Times Article describing research done by Google to determine the characteristics of the best performing teams. Google studied the data on team performance to glean what they could about how to create high performing teams. The results were surprisingly simple: the best teams created safety for their team members. The implications are important.