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We Fix Bad Scrum Framework

We’ve all seen it - Scrum Gone Bad

I think we have all seen Bad Scrum and misuse of the Scrum Framework. Sometimes Scrum started out good with a solid understanding of Scrum, good leadership, an effective Scrum Master, an engaged and empowered Product Owner and a hopeful and open-minded Dev Team. But then somewhere along the way it went bad. Maybe the leadership changed or changed their mind. Perhaps the skillful Scrum Master left and was replaced by one who was ineffective. The team may have soured or felt like Scrum was used against them.

Puzzled about the Scrum Master Role in the Scrum Framework?

Inevitably, when working with organizations and helping them move from Waterfall to the Scrum Framework, there is a lot of confusion about the Scrum Master role. One of the most common questions I get is, What does a Scrum Master do? People often ask the follow-up question,  Can we make our Project Managers the Scrum Masters? (Yes you can but no you should absolutely not.) And third,  Do we need a full-time Scrum Master?


 Scrum Framework Update: The New Scrum Guide for 2017

The new Scrum Guide, the definitive reference for the Scrum Framework, is out. As of November 7, Scrum co-creators Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber have published an updated version of the Scrum Guide. The last three revisions were in 2011, 2013 and 2016 so this is a relatively fast update since July 2016. 

Best Size for My Agile Team? High Performing Teams' Magic Number

I recently compiled a list of all the Agile teams I had trained and coached since I began coaching in 2012. Turns out that I have helped nearly 100 teams from 20 companies so far. Wow! Even I had not realized the number was so high.

The teams I trained or coached vary in many ways - technology, industry, company size, and product just to name a few. The culture and diversity of the teams is also all over the board. Some teams were just OK, and some were truly high performing teams. And the team sizes vary quite a bit, from teams as small as four to teams as large as 13.

Motivated Individuals: Your Champions for High Performing Teams

The 5th Agile Principle says to hire motivated people and empower and trust them. The opposite of this would be to hire unmotivated people and to disempower and micromanage them. Is it just me or is that what happens quite frequently in organizations?

How to Thwart an Agile Transformation

An Agile Transformation is a program of organizational change that requires strong leadership to succeed. Have you ever wondered how to undermine change and thwart progress in organizations? One of my agile coaching colleagues recently shared a link to the Simple Sabotage Field Manual, a document published during WWII by the Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA.

What are the Top 10 Traits of An Agile Coach?

What are the top traits that an Agile Coach should have? Today there are more an more individuals hanging out a shingle and calling themselves Agile Coaches. And there are few standards or training programs directed at Agile Coaches. So how does an organization know what is desirable for Agile Coaches? The infographic above and the text below is my attempt to explain that.