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One question that I get frequently from leaders during Agile training is about how to make sure everyone is busy.  How do we make sure that we are getting the most out of every person?  Some will even ask about how to make sure everyone is giving 100%, or 110%.

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I work with a lot of teams and help them to adopt Agile thinking and methods.  While I am pretty passionate about Agile and many of the team members are as well, I work with many team members who are afraid of Agile.  Why would people fear Agile if it is such a great thing?  Perhaps it isn't viewed as such a great thing by everyone.  Here are some reasons why they might fear agile and 'being... Read Full Post

Most IT organizations today have adopted some flavor of Agile.  Some use it across the board and some use it for just a few projects.  The question I frequently get from leaders and managers is why are things getting worse now that we are using Agile?!?  If this describes your experience, here are 5 questions you can use to better understand the results you are getting.
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Is Employee Engagement important, and does it conflict with Agile?

I’ve been looking into employee engagement ever since hearing Marcus Buckingham of Gallup speak about it at a conference about 8 years ago. This past week, Gallup reported that Employee Engagement had reached a 3... Read Full Post

I was excited to read this recent New York Times Article describing research done by Google to determine the characteristics of the best performing teams. Google studied the data on team performance to glean what they could about how to create high performing teams.... Read Full Post

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Two conversations in two days have concerned me in my role of agile coach. In the first, I had a product owner and his assistant expressing frustration at the current pace of development for 3 scrum teams. In the second conversation, an assistant to the product owner, similarly concerned, asked the scrum master for the... Read Full Post