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Agile and Scrum Training

The mission of Vitality Chicago is to help teams THRIVE and organizations TRANSFORM. Our Agile Coaches and Trainers have the deep expertise to help you at all points of your agile journey. We have a solid track record of helping organizations deliver business results with Agile and Scrum. We’ve provided Agile and Scrum Training to hundreds of teams in various industries and we’ve supported dozens of small and large organizations through their Agile Transformation.

Training, Coaching & Transformation

Agile Training & Scrum Certification

Vitality Chicago specializes in delivering Agile Training and Scrum Certification courses.

Agile Training Courses

We also offer advanced Agile Training Courses on Estimating and Planning, Leading and Coaching Agile Teams, and Agile Transformations. 

Agile Coaching

We’ve provided Agile Coaching to help teams improve their practices and deliver value. 

Agile Transformation Consulting

An Agile Transformation is a really big deal. Our primary focus in an Agile Transformation is on learning and helping leaders create an environment where everyone can do their best work.


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What Our Clients Says

Mary Beth LoVerde
Mary Beth LoVerdi
Senior Vice President, Client Digital Strategy & Product Management

“Anthony is the guru of Agile. His ability to understand team dynamics, organizational challenges and Sprint/Scrum/Agile principles are second to none! His training session are interactive, very engaging and effective.”