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Are you looking to pilot agile, scale up from an existing pilot, or take on an Agile Transformation? It is important to know your goals and this paper outlines some key considerations – 5 Key Considerations between Agile Adoption and Agile Transformation.

If Agile Adoption is your goal, consider reading How to Increase Agile Adoption in Your Organization.

On the other hand, an Agile Transformation is a really big deal. Our primary focus in an Agile Transformation is on learning and helping leaders create an environment where everyone can do their best work. We help teams streamline process and eliminate waste, and get everyone focused on delivering business value.

Let our experienced Agile Coaches and Agile Trainers help you succeed. We’ve provided Agile Training and Scrum Certification to over 100 teams in various industries. We’ve provided Agile Coaching to support dozens of Fortune 500 organizations through their Agile Transformation.

Not Sure Where To Start Your Agile Transformation?

We can help! Get a detailed description of How to Successfully Transition from Waterfall to Scrum. Or download and take a deep dive into our concise white paper on Agile Transformation. 

You can also read our client success stories including the Agile Transformation Success Story for Bank of America or this story about the benefits that Highland Solutions gained when adopting Agile and Scrum.

Agile Training Classes

Agile And Scrum Coaching

As Agile and Scrum Coaches, we come alongside your Scrum Teams and help them grow. We teach, mentor, advise and provide feedback appropriate to the team maturity level. We observe key Scrum events, and provide one-on-one agile coaching for Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Most new Scrum Teams benefit most from Scrum coaching during the first six months. Our experience has shown that after six months, teams are well on their way to effective use of Scrum and self-organization.

Agile Coaches work closely with leaders to help them to support and encourage the teams they lead and to maximize the effectiveness of Agile and Scrum in the organization. Coaching takes the form of mentoring, feedback and powerful questions appropriate to the individual. We also observe or facilitate your meetings and debrief afterwards to provide an environment of learning and growth. We help leaders to have crucial conversations and to express themselves in ways that help them and those they lead to grow.

Our Agile Transformation Coaches have hands on experience with Agile Transformation and helping companies along their Agile journeys. We will help you to avoid the pitfalls, communication problems, and other breakdowns that might slow your agile transformation down. We also work with your agile leaders and the Agile Champions team to help address organizational impediments and support your transformation.

Need Help Hiring An Agile Coach?

If you are looking for tips on finding and hiring Agile and Scrum Coaches, this may be of interest to you. Here are some tips on What makes an Agile Coach Effective and What are the Most Important Agile Coach Traits that may be helpful. And you can avoid making a poor choice with How to Spot a Bad Agile Coach. Finally, know when it is time to say goodbye to your external coaches and rely on your internal team with Exit Criteria for Agile Coaching.

Kanban Application and Mastery

What Clients Say About Our Agile Training & Coaching

Training Courses To Support Agile Transformation

Please see below for the key training courses we recommend to help you prepare for your Agile Transformation

Which Agile or Scrum Training Should I Take? 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to take all of them to be effective. However, the more you learn the better prepared you will be to lead the transformation. You can read why in this article on Leaders Going First in Agile Transformation. For a detailed guide on how to plan for Agile and Scrum training in your organization, please review How to Develop Your Agile Training Plan.

Agile for Leaders (2 days)

This two-day Agile for Leaders Training provides leaders with the understanding and tools they need to effectively lead Agile and Scrum teams and support an Agile culture.

Agile and Scrum for Teams (2 days)

The Agile, Scrum and Kanban for Teams is a hands-on instructor-led training workshop designed to be delivered to your entire Scrum Team at once.

Agile Training Overview for Stakeholders (2 hours)

This two-hour workshop provides an overview of Agile for Subject Matter Experts and other stakeholders that will work or be impacted by Agile Teams. The course provides a summary of the Agile Values and Principles,
Professional Scrum Product Owner

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) (2 days)

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Training is a two-day course that covers the principles of Scrum and agility, the role of the Product Owner, building and sustaining a product vision, and managing a Product Backlog.
Agile Training Professional Scrum Master PSM logo

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) (2 days)

The Professional Scrum Master certification training (PSM) is a 2-day course that covers the principles and empirical process theory of Scrum and agility, the Scrum framework itself, and the specific role of the Scrum Master.

Professional Agile Leadership (PAL) Essentials (2 days)

The Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL) is a 2-day hands-on workshop that uses a combination of instruction and hands-on exercises to help managers and other leaders who work directly with agile teams understand how to best support, guide, and coach their teams to improve their agile capabilities.

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