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Agile Coaching

Our certified Agile Coaches have helped hundred of teams and organizations leverage Lean, Agile, Kanban and other approaches to deliver faster and with more predictability.

Our Agile and Scrum Coaches have deep, hands-on experience in developing technology solutions and helping others to deliver. Learn more about or offering and determine if you need a Technical Coach, and Agile or Scum Team Coach, or an Enterprise Agile Coach.

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Meet the Coaches

“We needed someone to help us properly use Agile and Scrum. Anthony provided Agile and Scrum Training and Agile Coaching for my four development teams. The coaching helped support new habits and reinforce the mindset change. I recommend Anthony and Vitality Chicago to anyone moving from waterfall to true agile development.”

Mark Aguilera - Asset and Wealth Management Technology Leader

Our Agile Coaching Offerings

Our team can provide agile coaching onsite at your location. Looking for a virtual Agile Coach? We have coaches who worlk remotely to support your distributed teams.

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Agility Assesments

Agility assessments show us where to focus to get the most bang for the buck.

Learn more about Agility Assessments
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Coaching Product Owners and Product Managers

The Product team sets the vision and priorities for agile teams and ensures they deliver business value.

Learn More About Coaching for Product Owners and Product Managers
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Manager and Leader Coaching

Effective leadership is essential to creating an innovative and learning organization capable of responding quickly to changes and opportunities. We can help!

Learn More about Manager and Leader Coaching
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Agile Team and Scrum Master Coaching

Our Agile Team Coaches help development teams get better in how they understand, plan, develop, test, and deploy solutions.

Learn More About Our Agile Team and Scrum Master Coaching
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Agility Assessments

It's hard to improve if you don't know your starting point

In order to improve the delivery of value to your customers, you need a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your delivery teams. Our agile coaches leverage agility assessments and consulting support to help you where you need it most.

We frequently use the online assessment tools from Comparative Agility. The Comparative Agility Assessment tools allow you to benchmark against a global database of more than 15,000 teams including ones that are the same size and in the same industry.

We complement the online assessment findings with surveys, observations, and one-on-one conversations to get a rounded view of how the team is performing. We invite participation from key stakeholders across the organization to get the most accurate perspective on what is working and where improvements are needed.

At the end of the assessment, we share our findings about the strengths as well as areas for potential improvement. We provide a recommended action plan and can support you to tackle low-hanging fruit.

“I brought in Jonathan Lee from Vitality Chicago to help our delivery team. Before he did any coaching or training, he did a baseline assessment using the Comparative Agility tool. He also created a team skills inventory baseline and value stream map for the organization. Then he delivered training and supported it with coaching for the team and Product Owner. When we completed our second assessment 9 months later, I was impressed with how far the team had grown together on both the strengths as well the improvement areas. One of the intended benefits of working and serving in an agile way is ‘better code faster’ – and this is happening. The team continues to learn, grow and improve.”

Ronald Mark Moen, CIO - American Society for Clinical Pathology

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Agile Team and Scrum Master Coaching

Our Agile Team Coaches help delivery teams get better in how they understand, plan, develop, test, and deploy solutions.

As Team Coaches, we come alongside your teams to help them deliver their current work. We observe or facilitate team meetings, meet one-on-one with Team Members, provide feedback, answer questions, and use reflective listening.

For teams new to agile ways of working, the biggest impact of agile coaching comes in the first 6 months when teams are learning new agile ways of working and unlearning old habits. Our experience has shown that after six months, teams are well on their way to effective use of Scrum and self-organization. Occasional checkups and scrum coaching can be beneficial as teams continue their journey to mastery.

Do you already have Scrum Masters or internal coaches? Awesome! We can partner with your existing coaches to help them grow, gain expertise, and provide Scrum coaching. Our certified Agile Coaches can model all aspects of the Scrum Master role including effective facilitation skills, clean communications, and participatory decision-making. If needed, we can also provide formal classroom training as well as on-the-spot and impromptu training sessions. We can also launch and facilitate Agile Communities of Practice or run Agile Coaching Dojos.

“I worked with Vitality Chicago for Agile Training and Coaching Support for my company’s transition to Scrum. The coaching was very beneficial in helping to establish the right ways of doing Scrum.”

Veronica Hancock – Director, Software Engineering

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Coaching Product Owners and Product Managers

The Product Team is a critical aspect of agile delivery using Scrum. The Product Owner sets the vision and priorities for the development teams and ensures that the teams deliver business value.

Agile coaching for the Product Team will support a clear product strategy and provide a roadmap for development and help avoid building unnecessary features that don’t create value for customers. Avoid the common pitfalls of churning out work that doesn’t improve your business. Our experienced coaches can help by facilitating product workshops, supporting backlog refinement, or coming alongside your Product Owners to help them with their specific challenges.

“Gary was highly knowledgeable and went into a ton of depth when answering questions, which was super valuable. Some of the materials were very helpful for increasing my understanding and reasoning about content that I was already somewhat familiar with, but not intimately.”

Tom Patterson - Director Of Engineering

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Manager and Leader Coaching

Effective leadership is essential to creating an innovative and learning organization capable of responding quickly to changes and opportunities. We can help!

Our experienced Enterprise Agile Coaches will work closely with your leaders to help them succeed as they create a high-performing organization. This coaching takes the form of advising and draws on the experience we’ve gained with dozens of other organizations.

“Anthony trained and coached us at Bank of America and Northern Trust. Without his help we would not have gotten far. If you want your organization to become more agile, your first call should be to Vitality Chicago.”

Dave Sohmer – SVP Technology and Operations

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