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Agile Coaching

Our Team Agile Coaches and Enterprise Agile Coaches can support you at all points in your agile journey.

As Agile and Scrum Coaches, we come alongside your Agile Teams and help them grow. We teach, mentor, advise and provide feedback appropriate to the team maturity level. We observe key Scrum events, and provide one-on-one agile coaching for Team Members, Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Coaching Teams

Most new Agile Teams benefit from having an Agile Team coach. Our Agile Team Coaches focus on team productivity and effectiveness and adoption of the scrum events. The biggest impact of agile coaching comes in the first 6 months when teams are learning new agile ways of working and unlearning old habits. Our experience has shown that after six months, teams are well on their way to effective use of Scrum and self-organization. Occasional checkups and scrum coaching can be beneficial as teams continue their journey to mastery.

Since 2020, we quickly made the switch to remote or virtual agile coaching. A virtual agile coach is able to support distributed teams by joining key agile team events. 

For those organizations who are back to the office, we also provide onsite coaching.


What does and Agile Team Coach do all day? That is a common question! Coaches will often do a number of different activities each day including: observing team meetings, meeting one-on-one with Scrum Masters and Team Members, providing feedback, answering questions or using reflective listening. They may also provide formal classroom training as well as on the spot or impromptu training sessions. The goal of our coaching is to help you build your internal expertise.

Coaching Scrum Masters

Your Scrum Masters are the backbone of your agile effectiveness and internal expertise.

Our agile coaches provide support and Scrum Coaching for Scrum Masters. Support can include one-on-one coaching with your Scrum Masters, shadowing or co-leading Scrum events, facilitating your Agile Communities of Practice, and running Coaching Dojos.

Coaching Product Owners

The Product Owner is another key role in Scrum. They make key decisions about priorities and they are responsible for making sure teams deliver business value.

Similar to the coaching for Scrum Masters, we also provide Scrum coaching to Product Owners.

Coaching Leaders and Managers

While agile team coaches are effective at the team level, Enterprise Agile Coaches are impactful at the organizational level. They have the experience, training and certifications and expertise to advise and support managers and leaders to leverage the agile mindset and agile practices. 

Enterprise Agile Coaches work closely with leaders to help them to support and encourage the teams they lead and to maximize the effectiveness of Agile and Scrum in the organization. Coaching takes the form of advising and leading with powerful questions appropriate to the individual.

Enterprise Agile Coaches can also observe or facilitate your meetings and debrief afterwards to provide an environment of learning and growth. We help leaders to have crucial conversations and to express themselves in ways that help them and those they lead to learn and grow.

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“Anthony trained and coached us at Bank of America and Northern Trust. Without his help we would not have gotten far. If you want your organization to become more agile, your first call should be to Vitality Chicago.”

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