Agile Leadership Training

Our Agile leadership course is focused on providing leaders and executives with the understanding and tools they need to oversee Agile and Scrum teams.

Course Summary

This two-day Agile for Leaders Training provides leaders with the understanding and tools they need to effectively lead Agile and Scrum teams and support an Agile culture.

The course provides a brief overview of Agile Values and Principles, lean concepts, and a summary of the most popular Agile frameworks. Leaders will understand common Agile terminology and practices, why those practices are used, and how to support teams to master them.

Our certified Agile leadership also explores recommended metrics and reports for Agile teams and how to avoid asking teams to report on the wrong things. The Agile for Leaders training course addresses the key leadership traits needed to be effective with Agile and how to create a receptive environment for Agile to succeed.

It also explores in detail how to successfully facilitate a transition from waterfall to Scrum in an organization. Participants will learn how to support, coach and lead Agile teams to maximize the benefits of Agile in their organization.

Beyond immediate Agile benefits, attendees will gain a greater understanding of the role leaders play in Agile environments. This includes setting attainable goals, facilitating team efforts and exploring new ways to improve operations.

In-depth knowledge of Agile methodology also prepares leaders for new cultural and behavioral transformations within the organization — equipped with Agile skills, leaders can help teams effectively navigate these transitions.

Course Outline

  • Agile Introduction & The Agile Leaders Role
  • Popular Agile frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, XP and Lean SW Development
  • Common Agile Practices & Concepts
  • Establish & Support Teams
  • Shape the Environment
  • Adopt a Coaching Stance
  • Lead Organizational Change
  • Agile Metrics and Reporting
  • Create Your Agile Roadmap

Key Learning Outcomes

Following this Training, Leaders will be able to:

  1. Articulate the business case for Agile
  2. Understand the Scrum Framework and what to expect from Scrum Teams
  3. Implement effective Agile metrics
  4. Coach and Lead Agile teams effectively
  5. Apply the correct leadership tools for the situation
  6. Understand and remove organizational impediments to Agile success
  7. Support an Agile Pilot or Transformation


Who Should Attend

The Agile for Leaders course is intended for executives, PMO leaders, managers, stakeholders and others who play a leadership role in an Agile environment or are responsible for helping Agile teams succeed.

  • Executives
  • PMO Leaders
  • Managers
  • Stakeholders

Agile leadership training is a great investment for any leaders who are responsible for improving the performance of Scrum teams and ensuring their organizations are on track to meet business goals.

Additional Details

Our Agile leadership course is available in-person and online. Both options include top-rated instructors with the experience and expertise to help leaders fully realize the benefits of Agile practices for their organizations. Our goal is simple: Give leaders a new mindset for transforming their organization’s culture with Agile training for executives that provides actionable knowledge delivered in a clear, concise and consistent format.

Curious about our courses? Check out our Agile training hub page to explore our course categories and see the schedule for our upcoming in-person courses. For virtual or custom course offerings, get in touch to learn more about our scheduling capabilities.

Our team can help build the course package that works best for your needs. We can deliver virtual training that lets staff easily connect from their home or office, or you can hire our experts to come in person and deliver training in a private setting.  From introductions to Agile principles, in-depth Agile practices and Agile project management training, we can help your business build leaders who are capable of solving current challenges and shaping the future of digital transformations across your organization.

If you’re looking to expand your Agile impact, we also offer a team training course to help leaders, product owners, Scrum masters and front-line team members effectively leverage Agile principles. If you’re still not sure which Agile leadership training best aligns with your business goals, read more about what makes the best Agile leader training.

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