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Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certification Training

Learn how to support teams to self-organize and to facilitate Scrum events

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Course Summary

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) training is a 15-hour course that covers the principles and empirical process theory of Scrum and agility, the Scrum framework itself, and the specific role of the Scrum Master.

The PSM class introduces the principles and empirical process theory underpinning the Scrum framework. These are foundational insights upon which the rules and roles of Scrum are explored and discussed.

The focus on the Scrum Master role includes advanced thinking tools for servant-­leadership and behavioral shifts, working with people and teams, coaching and facilitation, and scaling Scrum.

Course Outline

  • Scrum Theory and Principles
  • The Scrum Framework: Roles, Events, and Artifacts
  • Working with People and Teams
  • Coaching and Facilitation
  • The Role of the Scrum Master

Key Learning Outcomes

Following this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and apply the Scrum framework including the Scrum roles, events, and artifacts
  2. Support teams to self-organize and leverage Scrum to build great products
  3. Facilitate Scrum events for a team
  4. Articulate the value and benefits of Scrum
Agile and Scrum Training Vitality Chicago Inc.

Who Should Attend

The Professional Scrum Master course is for anyone involved in Agile software delivery using Scrum. It will be particularly valuable to those who are responsible for effectively applying Scrum. This course is also ideal for anyone looking to prepare for the Scrum Master certification assessment from

  • New Scrum Masters looking to solidify their understanding of Scrum, gain credibility and improve performance
  • Experienced Scrum Masters who want to gain deeper insights into Scrum and learn how to apply it in real-world scenarios
  • Project managers that want to gain a competitive edge by mastering Scrum
  • Managers who are responsible for implementing Scrum or leading Scrum teams

Considering A Private Training Course?

  • Save time and money by bringing our Professional Scrum Trainer to you
  • Everyone hears the same message and learns common Scrum terminology
  • The class can accommodate up to 30 participants

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Gary Geraci

“Material presented was all-encompassing about Scrums. Gary has a very engaging approach and wealth of knowledge that he shares.”

Gary Geraci – IT Project Manager

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Agile and Scrum Training Vitality Chicago Inc.
Agile and Scrum Training Vitality Chicago Inc.