Starting and Running Your Dojo


Faced with the challenges of multiple new technologies, processes, and ways of thinking, many organizations are embracing Dojos – immersive learning centers – as a great way of quickly upskilling their staff as well as creating a cultural and organizational transformation.

If you are interested in starting your Dojo, then this workshop is for you.

Rather than being prescriptive, the workshop will guide participants in defining a strategy and format that enables them to create a Dojo meeting the specific learning goals of their organization. The workshop covers Dojo values, formats for offerings, and practices.


  • Dojo engagement life cycle
  • Defining offerings (types of engagements)
  • Establishing learning competencies (what teams learn)
  • Building a Dojo team
  • How to choose teams to take part in Dojo engagements
  • Defining your intake process
  • Chartering Dojo engagements
  • Setting up the Dojo space
  • Understanding schedules for engagements
  • Defining metrics and measurements
  • Using the Dojo to make larger organizational changes
  • Growing Dojo coaches
  • Getting started with your first team


  • Understanding how to execute the entire Dojo life cycle including intake process for teams, chartering Dojo engagements, the format of the engagements, and post-Dojo follow-up
  • Defining your initial Dojo offerings
  • Designing your Dojo’s physical space and determining equipment needs
  • Marketing the Dojo inside your organization
  • Defining Dojo metrics you will use to show the value your Dojo provides
  • Strategies for hiring and growing Dojo coaches, product owners, and operations managers

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Anyone interested in starting and running a Dojo in their organization. This includes transformation/continuous improvement champions and leaders in product design, agile/lean methods, cloud migrations, DevOps, security, and general engineering practices. It also includes Dojo product owners and coaches (agile, technical, and product) and operations managers, who manage the Dojo on a day-by-day basis.

  • Agile/Technical/Product Coaches
  • Operations Managers
  • Agile Champions
  • Leaders

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  • Learn from the experience of participants from other companies
  • Hosted at Ballwin, Missouri
  • This 2-Day course includes numerous hands-on exercises and workshops
  • Includes breakfast and lunch

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dojo-starting and running your dojo
Starting and Running Your Dojo
Instructor: Dion Stewart & Joel Tosi
Ballwin, MO

Starting and Running Your Dojo

dojo-starting and running your dojo
August 19 @ 8:30 am - August 20 @ 4:00 pm Instructor: Dion Stewart & Joel Tosi
Ballwin, MO

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