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User Story Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to craft well-written user stories, create effective acceptance criteria, and refine stories throughout the development process.

Course Summary

Master the art of writing user stories that accurately capture user needs and drive successful agile development. Our course provides hands-on training in crafting well-written user stories, creating effective acceptance criteria, and refining stories throughout the development process. You’ll gain valuable skills and insights that will help you deliver high-quality software products that meet user needs and exceed expectations.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Agile User Stories
  • User Persona and User Needs
  • Writing User Stories
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Technical Stories, Non-Functional Requirements, Spikes
  • Epics and Themes
  • Estimating User Stories
  • Refining User Stories
  • Metrics
  • Story Mapping

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Define and explain the importance of user stories and how they relate to agile development.
  • Create effective user personas and use them to develop user stories that accurately capture user needs.
  • Write user stories using the proper format and acceptance criteria, and refine them throughout the development process.
  • Estimate and prioritize user stories based on user needs and business value.
  • Capture non-user-facing work and non-functional requirements in technical stories, and understand how to handle bugs and defects.
  • Create and decompose epics and themes, and understand how they relate to user stories.
  • Estimate user stories using story points and planning poker, and refine stories using feedback and vertical slicing techniques.
  • Choose and manage metrics for epics, and validate value using feedback loops.
  • Create a story map, and use it for road-mapping and release planning.
  • Collaborate effectively with stakeholders, including development teams, product owners, and users, through improved communication and alignment with business goals.

Who Should Attend

This class is for Product Owners, Business Analysts, Development Team Members and anyone else who creates or works with user stories.

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