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The main objective of an Agile Transformation is to improve business agility. Transformation is not simply implementing agile or scrum; it is about delivering more customer value earlier and having the flexibility to respond to change.

When you transition to an agile organization, you will have a network of teams that works in rapid cycles of learning and decision-making. By instilling them with a common purpose and providing them with the data they need to make decisions on their own, you streamline business processes and become more adaptable, stable and efficient.

An agile business transformation impacts your organization at every level, including your people, processes, structure, technologies and strategies. Your organization will become faster and more fluid, but also retain the stability you need to succeed.

Our Agile Transformation Coaches focus on alignment, learning and growth, predictable delivery and creating an environment where everyone can do their best work. We’ve supported dozens of Fortune 500 organizations through their journeys.

Not Sure Where to Start Your Journey? We can Help!

Transition from Waterfall to Scrum book

Read our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to complete your Waterfall to Agile Transformation.

It provides a roadmap to help you plan your agile journey.

Agile Transformation Support

Our Coaches have hands on experience with helping companies along their Agile journeys. We will help you to avoid the pitfalls, communication problems, and other breakdowns that might slow your agile transformation down. We also work with your agile leaders and the Agile Champions team to help create agile transformation roadmaps, tackle organizational impediments and create the environment for agility to thrive.

Training Courses to Support Agile Transformation

Leaders often find that training is required for the transformation to succeed. We offer a number of training courses that are popular with companies undergoing transformation.

Training for Leaders includes courses such as  Professional Agile Leadership (PAL),  Agile for Leaders  and  Supporting an Agile Transformation.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to take all of them to be effective. However, the more you learn the better prepared you will be to lead the transformation. You can read why in this article on  Leaders Going First in Agile Transformation.  For a detailed guide on how to plan for Agile and Scrum training in your organization, please review  How to Develop Your Agile Training Plan.  

Training for Scrum Masters and Product Owners is a necessary part of an Agile Transformation. People new to the Scrum Master Role should take the  Professional Scrum Master (PSM)  training and certification. Those in the Product Owner Role should take the  Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)  training and certification.

Training for Team Members is an area where some organizations try to cut corners. Don’t do it! Teams that get training are more likely to be productive with the Scrum Framework, deliver more predictably and avoid the thrashing and inefficiencies that can occur when team members are not on the same page.

Our most popular training course for teams include  Agile for Teams  as well as  Applying Professional Scrum (APS). 

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