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Download Our Free Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet

Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet

Are you just getting started with Agile and Scrum? Download our free 1-page Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet. This handy reference contains the 4 Agile Values and 12 Agile Principles from the 2001 Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Get Your Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet Here 

Some people ignore the original Agile Values and Principles – do so at your own peril. After all, the Values and Principles form the essence of agile ways of working. [Those new to Agile might want to also check out our related post, What is Agile and Why is it Important?]

The Agile Values and Principles are prominently featured in our Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet because they are critical. Here is a quick summary of each.

The 4 Agile Values

This is my paraphrase of the 4 Agile Values. Our Agile Cheat Sheet has the actual Agile Values.

  • People are more important than Tools
  • Solutions are more important than Documents
  • Win-Win is better than Win-Lose
  • Plans will change – expect it!

The 12 Agile Principles in the Cheat Sheet

This is my paraphrase of the 12 Agile Principles. The Agile Cheat Sheet as the actual Agile Principles.

  1. Satisfy the Customer with Valuable Solutions
  2. Welcome Change and Use it for Competitive Advantage
  3. Deliver Frequently
  4. Collaborate Constantly with Customers
  5. Get the Right People on the Team, Empower and Trust them
  6. Face-to-face Communications are most effective
  7. Working Solutions is the Measure of Progress
  8. Work at a Sustainable Pace
  9. Do it Right the First Time
  10. Don’t do Unnecessary Work
  11. The Best Results come from Self-Managing Teams
  12. Continuously Improve via Regular Retrospectives

The Scrum Framework

We have also included a condensed view of the Scrum Framework, focusing on roles and events.

Most people are aware that there are just three roles in the Scrum Framework and that includes the Product Owner, Developers and Scrum Master. The Scrum Team is comprised of one Product Owner, One Scrum Master and Developers.

  • The Product Owner decides on priorities and provides a vision for the solution being built.
  • The Scrum Master is a coach, servant leader, facilitator and impediment remover.
  • The Developers are those highly skilled experts with various domain and technical skills. They estimate, plan, develop, test and deploy the solution.

The Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet also includes a brief summary of the Sprint which is the time-boxed iteration, and the 4 events in the Scrum Framework. Those events include:

  • Sprint Planning – In Sprint Planning, the Developers work with the Product Owner to answer the questions of WHY, WHAT and HOW and to generate a plan for the upcoming Sprint, called the Sprint Backlog.
  • Daily Scrum – The Daily Scrum is a short daily meeting. The Developers use the Daily Scrum to plan for the day ahead and assess progress toward their sprint goal.
  • Sprint Review – At the end of the Sprint, the Scrum Team conducts two meetings. The first is the Sprint Review which focuses on the Product of the Sprint. The Scrum Team uses the Sprint Review to showcase the product and get feedback.
  • Sprint Retrospective – Right after the Sprint Review is the Retrospective which is a focus on the team process and continuous improvement.

Get Your Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet Here

So go ahead and download this print-ready PDF of the Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet. This is a helpful reference to Agile and Scrum ways of working.

And if you find this Agile Cheat Sheet helpful, check out our downloadable Retrospective Tip sheet.

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Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet



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hiring guide for scrum masters

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  1. Hi Vicky, no need to order
    Hi Vicky, no need to order copies. You can download the PDF and print and use as much as you like. Great to hear from you!

  2. Sorry, update 2020 does not reflect Scrum Guide 2020. See Developers instead of Dev Team and some other things. Won’t help us as is.

    1. Hi Christian, thanks for the reminder, I appreciate it. We have not yet updated this but it will go on the backlog. Expect to see something within the next few weeks.

  3. I think there are already changes in the Guide 2020. The term role has been replaced by accountability. There is also the new product goal etc. Greetings, Frank

    1. Thank you Frank, I can’t believe I missed those! I will have to go back through with a fine-toothed comb and see what else changed and what should be included. It’s a summary sheet so it won’t contain everything from the 14 page guide.Please let me know if there is anything else that you see.

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