Agile Tool Survey

Agile Tool Survey

In my related post on the pitfalls of Agile Tools, I talked about some of the traps and problems of using Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools. I probably sound like I am opposed to using an Agile Tool, though I am not. I think ALM tools have their place. It is just that it is all too common that people misuse the tools or use tools when they aren’t even really needed. And so I often find myself trying to counter-balance people’s enthusiastic use of agile tools.

The Most Popular Agile Tool Right Now

Today there are many possible tools available to Agile teams. From what I see at clients and the discussions in my classes, there are just a couple of agile tools that are most popular at this time. But I would like to confirm that with a quick survey.

Please take a few moments to respond to this short survey of 5 questions. Your feedback is anonymous and I will share the results of the survey as an update to this post.

Click here to take the survey: Agile Tool Survey.

July 13 Update: While we have limited responses to date, Jira is the currently shown as the leading agile tool for Product and Sprint Backlog Management:

  1. 57% Jira
  2. 14% CA Agile
  3. 14% IBM Rational Team Concert
  4. 14% MS Team Foundation Server


July 30 Update: As of July 30th, JIRA landed the #1 spot as the Agile Tool most often used by teams for Product and Sprint Backlog Management:

  1. 38% Jira
  2. 23% MS Team Foundation Server
  3. 15% IBM Rational Team Concert
  4. 8% CA Agile
  5. 8% VersionOne
  6. 8% Asana


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  1. Well researched. Thank you. I am using this new tool called Proggio. It’s perfect for agile. Maybe you can look into it and include it on your next list.

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