Agile Tool Survey

Agile Tool Survey

In my related post on the pitfalls of Agile Tools, I talked about some of the traps and problems of using Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools. I probably sound like I am opposed to using an Agile Tool, though I am not. I think ALM tools have their place. It is just that it is all too common that people misuse the tools or use tools when they aren’t even really needed.

For example, they get data out of the tool and use it to beat up or micromanage an agile team that should be self-organizing.

A fool with a tool is still a fool. 

— Grady Booch

And so I often find myself trying to counter-balance people’s enthusiastic use of agile tools, which they think are critical to using an agile methodology.

The Most Popular Agile Tools Right Now

Today there are many possible tools available to Agile teams. From what I see at clients and the discussions in my classes, there are just a couple of agile tools that are most popular at this time.

Last year I ran a short and informal survey to see what tools people are using. It may not represent everyone but at least it provides a sense of what agile tools people are using today.

Not surprisingly, Jira and TFS are two most popular tools, followed (surprisingly) by IBM’s Team Concert.what your agile tool

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  1. Well researched. Thank you. I am using this new tool called Proggio. It’s perfect for agile. Maybe you can look into it and include it on your next list.

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