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An Inventory of Agile and Scrum Certifications

An Inventory of Agile and Scrum Certifications

Anthony Mersino

June 24, 2021

11:43 AM

In early 2020, I wrote about the Circus of Agile Certifications and challenged myself to get a new Agile or Scrum Certification each week.

There were so many possible Agile and Scrum certifications at that time (over 250) that we thought it might be helpful to publish not only the complete inventory, but our own feedback on each certification as well as subscriber reviews. We launched a dedicated site to capture your feedback on the certifications as something of a ‘Yelp for Agile Certifications’.

Great idea but awful timing. Once the pandemic hit, we recognized that exposing the craziness of certifications was perhaps not the best use of our time :).

So I paused my quest for more certifications and stopped reviewing certifications. Ultimately we closed down the agile certifications review site. However, we thought that there might be value to provide the list of the known Agile and Scrum certifications that we had captured. So we are including it here.

While new agile certifications are hitting the market every week, and existing certifications are getting rebranded or renamed, the list below provides a pretty good inventory of what is available right now in mid-2021.

Inventory of Agile and Scrum Certifications

Here is your list of agile and Scrum certifications, sorted by designation name. For your convenience, we have created a link to the provider website. If you find an error or if there are new certifications that you think should be included, please add a comment and we will make our best efforts to keep this list up to date.

Designation Certification Certifying Authority
ACC Agile Coach Certification Agile Scrum Academy
A-CSM Advanced Certified Scrum Master Scrum Alliance
A-CSPO Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Scrum Alliance
Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester Advanced Level Agile Technical International Testing Qualifications Board 
Agile and Scrum Certification Agile and Scrum Certification Edwel
Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master APM Group International
Agile Business Consultant Agile Business Consultant Agile Business Consortium
Agile Certified Professional Agile Certified Professional Scrum Professionals
Agile Change Agent Agile Change Agent Certification APM Group International
Agile Expert Agile Expert eConsulting Group
Agile Leader Agile Leader Six Sigma Global Institute
Agile Leader Advanced Practitioner Agile Leader Advanced Practitioner Agile Business Consortium
Agile Project Professional Agile Project Professional certification Agile Business Consortium
Agile Project Trainer-Coach Agile Project Trainer-Coach Agile Business Consortium
AgileBA Foundation Agile Business Analysis Foundation APM Group International
AgileBA Practitioner Agile Business Analysis Practitioner APM Group International
AgileBA Practitioner Re-Registration Agile Business Analysis Practitioner Re-Registration APM Group International
AgileDS Foundation Agile Digital Services – Foundation APM Group International
AgileDS Practitioner Agile Digital Services – Practitioner APM Group International
AgilePgM Foundation Agile Programme Management APM Group International
AgilePM Foundation Agile Project Management – Foundation APM Group International
AgilePM Practitioner Agile Project Management – Practitioner APM Group International
AgilePM Re-Registration AgilePM Practitioner Re-registration APM Group International
AgileShift Certification AgileSHIFT Certification Axelos
AHF Certified AgilityHealth Facilitator Agility Health
AKC Accredited Kanban Consultant Kanban University
AKT Accredited Kanban Trainer Kanban University
APM Agile Program Manager Agile Scrum Academy
APSM SAFe Agile Product and Solution Management Scaled Agile
APS-SD Professional Scrum Developer Scrum.org
ARCH Certified SAFe for Architects Scaled Agile
ASE SAFe Agile Software Engineer Scaled Agile
ASM Agile Scrum Master Agile Scrum Academy
CAA Certified Agile Auditor ICCA Council
CABA SQI Certified Agile Business Analysis International Software Quality Institute
CAC Certified Agile Coach Chicago State University
CAC Certified Agile Coach ICCA Council
CAE Certified Agile Essentials International Software Quality Institute
CAE Certified Agile Expert ICCA Council
CAF Certified Agile Foundation ICCA Council
CAL1 Certified Agile Leadership I Scrum Alliance
CAL2 Certified Agile Leadership II Scrum Alliance
CAMC Certified Agile Marketing Coach Agile Marketing Academy
CAMP Certified Agile Marketing Practitioner Agile Marketing Academy
CAMS Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Agile Marketing Academy
CAMT Certified Agile Marketing Trainer Agile Marketing Academy
CAP Certified Agile Practitioner ICCA Council
CAPO Certified Agile Process Owner DevOps Institute
CASM Certified Agile Service Manager DevOps Institute
CATC Certified Agile Transformation Coach Chicago State University
CBAC Business Agility Coaches Enterprise Scrum
CDA Continuous Delivery Architect DevOps Institute
CDAC Disciplined Agile Coach Disciplined Agile
CEAC Certified Enterprise Agility Coach Chicago State University
CEC Certified Enterprise Coach Scrum Alliance
Certified Lean Project Manager Certified Lean Project Manager IBQMI
CESI Enterprise Scrum Instructor Enterprise Scrum
CIE Certified Implementation Expert Scrumstudy.org
CKAC Certified Kanban Ace Coach Agile Lion Institute
CKAP Certified Kanban Ace Practitioner Agile Lion Institute
CP- DSR Certified Professional  Data Science Using R DevOps Alliance
CP- IOTF Certified Professional – IoT Foundation DevOps Alliance
CP- MLDSF Certified Professional  Machine Learning and Data Science DevOps Alliance
CP-AAST Certified Professional Agile Application Security Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-AAT Certified Professional  Automation Agile Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-AMT Certified Professional – Appium for Mobile Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-BAT Certified Professional  Basic Agile Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-CCT Certified Professional Cucumber Driven Continuous Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-CPT Certified Professional – Continuous Performance Testing DevOps Alliance
CP-DCB Certified Professional – DevOps Continuous Builds DevOps Alliance
CP-DCD Certified Professional – DevOps Continuous Delivery DevOps Alliance
CP-DCM Certified Professional – DevOps Continuous Monitoring DevOps Alliance
CP-DCT Certified Professional – DevOps Continuous Testing DevOps Alliance
CP-DevSecOps Certified Professional – DevSecOps DevOps Alliance
CP-DOF Certified Professional  DevOps Foundation DevOps Alliance
CP-DOFE Certified Professional  DevOps Foundation for Executives DevOps Alliance
CP-ET Certified Professional – Exploratory Testing DevOps Alliance
CP-HDA Certified Professional – Hadoop Administrator DevOps Alliance
CP-HDF Certified Professional – Hadoop Foundation DevOps Alliance
CP-HDS Certified Professional – Hadoop with Spark DevOps Alliance
CP-M-AAT Certified Professional  Mobile Automation Agile Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-MAT Certified Practitioner  Manual Agile Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-M-MAT Certified Professional  Mobile  Master Agile Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-SAT Certified Professional  Selenium Automation Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-SAT Advanced Certified Professional  Selenium Automation Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CP-TDM Certified Professional Test Data Management Agile Testing Alliance
CP-WST Certified Professional  Web Services Testing Agile Testing Alliance
CS@SP Scrum Scale Certified Practitioner Scrum at Scale, LLC 
CS@T Certified Scrum Scale Trainer Scrum at Scale, LLC 
CSD Certified Scrum Developer Scrum Alliance
CSM Certified Scrum Master Scrum Alliance
CSP Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Alliance
CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner Scrum Alliance
CSP-PO Certified Scrum Professional  Product Owner Scrum Alliance
CSP-SM Certified Scrum Professional  Scrum Master Scrum Alliance
CSSC Software Scaling Coaches Enterprise Scrum
CST Certified Scrum Trainer Scrum Alliance
CTC Certified Team Coach Scrum Alliance
CTFL-AT Certified Tester Foundation Level Agile Tester Software Quality Institute
DASA DevOps Coach DASA DevOps Coach DASA
DASA DevOps Leader DASA DevOps Leader DASA
DASA DevOps Product Owner DASA DevOps Product Owner DASA
DASA DevOps Professional Create and Deliver DASA DevOps Professional Create and Deliver DASA
DASA DevOps Professional Enable and Scale DASA DevOps Professional Enable and Scale DASA
DASA DevOps Professional Specify and Verify DASA DevOps Professional Specify and Verify DASA
DASM Disciplined Agile Scrum Master Disciplined Agile
DASSM Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master Disciplined Agile
DAVSC Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Disciplined Agile
DevOps Certification DevOps Certification Agile Scrum Academy
DevOps Foundation DevOps Foundation DevOps Institute
DevOps-ARCH Certified DevOps Architect Devops-certification.org
DevOps-COA Certified DevOps Coach Devops-certification.org
DevOps-DEV Certified DevOps Developer Devops-certification.org
DevOps-EXEC Certified DevOps Executive Devops-certification.org
DevOps-GEN Certified DevOps Generalist Devops-certification.org
DevOps-OPS Certified DevOps Operations Engineer Devops-certification.org
DevOps-PM Certified DevOps Project Manager Devops-certification.org
DevOps-PO Certified DevOps Product Owner Devops-certification.org
DevOps-QA Certified DevOps Quality Assurance Engineer Devops-certification.org
DevOps-RM Certified DevOps Release Manager Devops-certification.org
DevOps-SEC Certified DevOps Information Security Engineer Devops-certification.org
DevOps-TRA Certified DevOps Trainer Devops-certification.org
DOL DevOps Leader DevOps Institute
DSOE DevSecOps Engineering DevOps Institute
DTE DevOps Test Engineering DevOps Institute
EAC Expert Agile Coach EuropeanScrum.org
EBAS Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Agility Health
ESC Expert Scrum Coach EuropeanScrum.org
ESF Expert Scrum Foundations EuropeanScrum.org
ESM Expert Scrum Master EuropeanScrum.org
ESMC Expert Scrum Master Certified Scrumstudy.org
ESPO Expert Scrum Product Owner EuropeanScrum.org
EST Expert Scrum Trainer EuropeanScrum.org
EXIN Agile Coach EXIN Agile Coach EXIN
EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation EXIN
EXIN Agile Scrum Master EXIN Agile Scrum Master EXIN
EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner EXIN
EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner Bridge EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner Bridge EXIN
Foundation Certificate in Agile BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile Chartered Institute for IT
Foundation Level Agile Tester Foundation Level Agile Tester International Testing Qualifications Board 
HR-TAL Certified Agile HR & Talent Strategist Agility Health
IBQMI Approved Kanban Professional IBQMI Approved Kanban Professional IBQMI
IBQMI Certified Kanban Coach IBQMI Certified Kanban Coach IBQMI
IBQMI Lean Enterprise Architect IBQMI Lean Enterprise Architect IBQMI
IBQMI TQM Practitioner IBQMI TQM Practitioner IBQMI
IBQMICertified Scrumban Practitioner IBQMICertified Scrumban Practitioner IBQMI
ICAN International Certified Agile Ninja Henry Harvin
ICE-AC ICAgile Certified Expert In Agile Coaching ICAgile
ICE-AE ICAgile Certified Expert In Agile Engineering ICAgile
ICE-AT ICAgile Certified Expert In Agile Testing ICAgile
ICE-DM Delivery Management ICAgile
ICE-DO ICAgile Certified Expert In DevOps ICAgile
ICE-PO Product Ownership ICAgile
ICP ICAgile Certified Professional ICAgile
ICP-ACC Agile Coaching ICAgile
ICP-ALP Agile Leadership ICAgile
ICP-APM Agile Project and Delivery Management ICAgile
ICP-APO Agile Product Ownership ICAgile
ICP-ASD Agile Sofware Design ICAgile
ICP-ATA Agile Test Automation ICAgile
ICP-ATF Agile Team Facilitation ICAgile
ICP-BAF Business Agility Foundations ICAgile
ICP-CAT Coaching Agile Transitions ICAgile
ICP-DAS Delivery at Scale ICAgile
ICP-EC Enterprise Coaching ICAgile
ICP-ENT Agility in the Enterprise ICAgile
ICP-EPO Enterprise Product Ownership ICAgile
ICP-FDO Foundations of DevOps ICAgile
ICP-FIN Agile Finance ICAgile
ICP-IDO Implementing DevOps ICAgile
ICP-MKG Agile Marketing ICAgile
ICP-PRG Agile Programming ICAgile
ICP-TAL Agile Talent ICAgile
ICP-TST Agile Testing ICAgile
IREB IREB RE Agile Primer International Software Quality Institute
iSQI Scrum Master Pro SQI Scrum Master Pro International Software Quality Institute
KCP Kanban Coaching Professional Kanban University
KMM Kanban Maturity Model Kanban University
KMP I Kanban System Design Kanban University
KMP II Kanban Systems Improvement Kanban University
LeSS – Basics Certified LeSS Basics Large Scale Scrum 
LeSS – LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer Large Scale Scrum 
LeSS – Trainer Certified LeSS Trainer Large Scale Scrum 
LeSS  Executives Certified Less for Executives Large Scale Scrum 
LeSS  Practitioner Certified LeSS Practitioner Large Scale Scrum 
Licensed Agile Coach Licensed Agile Coach Scrum Inc.
LPM SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Scaled Agile
Nextgile Nextgile Business Process Agility Professional Software Quality Institute
OACI OpenSpace Agility Certified Instructor OpenSpace Agility
OSA1 OpenSpace Agility certificate of completion:  Level 1 OpenSpace Agility
OSA2 OpenSpace Agility Professional: Level 2 OpenSpace Agility
OST1 Open Space Practitioner Level 1 OpenSpace Agility
OST2 Open Space Practitioner Level 2 OpenSpace Agility
PAL Professional Agile Leadership Scrum.org
PAQ Practitioner in Agile Quality International Software Quality Institute
PARA Personal Agility System – Recognized Ambassador Personal Agility Institute
PARE Personal Agility System – Recognized Enthusiast Personal Agility Institute
PARP Personal Agility System – Recognized Practitioner Personal Agility Institute
PMI-ACP PMI Agile Certified Practitioner PMI
POCP Product Owner Certified Professional Scrum Professionals
POI Product Owner Instructor ScrumAgile Institute
POPM Certified SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager Scaled Agile
Practitioner Certificate in Agile BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Chartered Institute for IT
Prince2 Agile Foundation Prince2 Agile Foundation Certificate Axelos
Prince2 Agile Practitioner Prince2 Agile Practitioner Certification Axelos
Product Owner Product Owner Six Sigma Global Institute
Product Owner Certification Product Owner Certification Agile Scrum Academy
PSK Professional Scrum with Kanban Scrum.org
PSM Professional Scrum Master I Scrum.org
PSM III Professional Scrum Master III Scrum.org
PSM-II Professional Scrum Master II Scrum.org
PSPO I Professional Scrum Product Owner I Scrum.org
PSPO II Professional Scrum Product Owner II Scrum.org
PSPO III Professional Scrum Product Owner III Scrum.org
PSU Professional Scrum with User Experience Scrum.org
RE@Agile RE Agile Advanced Level International Software Quality Institute
RS@SP Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner Scrum Inc.
RTE Certified SAFe Release Train Engineer Scaled Agile
SA Certified SAFe Agilist Scaled Agile
SAMC SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified Scrumstudy.org
SASM Certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Scaled Agile
SC4JD Scrum Certification for Java Developer Scrum-institute.org
SC4MD Scrum Certification for Mobile App Developer Scrum-institute.org
SC4WD Scrum Certification for Web Developer Scrum-institute.org
SCAC Scrum Coach Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
SCAC SCRUMstudy Certified Agile Coach Scrumstudy.org
Scrum Certification Course Scrum Certification Course Agile Scrum Academy
Scrum Master Scrum Master Six Sigma Global Institute
Scrum Mentor Scrum Mentor ScrumAgile Institute
Scrum@Scale Trainer Scrum@Scale Trainer Scrum Inc.
SCT SCRUMstudy Certified Trainer Scrumstudy.org
SD Scrum Developer ScrumAgile Institute
SDC Scrum Developer Certified Scrumstudy.org
SDI Scrum Developer Instructor ScrumAgile Institute
SDP SAFe DevOps Practitioner Scaled Agile
SFC Scrum Fundamentals Certified Scrumstudy.org
SGP Certified SAFe Government Practitioner Scaled Agile
SLAC Agile Scrum Leadership Executive Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
SM Scrum Master ScrumAgile Institute
SMAC Scrum Master Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
SMC Scrum Master Certified Scrumstudy.org
SMCP Scrum Master Certified Professional Scrum Professionals
SMI Scrum Master Instructor ScrumAgile Institute
SP Certified SAFe Practitioner Scaled Agile
SPC Certified SAFe Program Consultant Scaled Agile
SPO Scrum Product Owner ScrumAgile Institute
SPOAC Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
SPOC Scrum Product Owner Certified Scrumstudy.org
SPS Scaled Professional Scrum Scrum.org
SREF SRE Foundation DevOps Institute
SSEAC Scaled Scrum Expert Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
SSGI-CAP SSGI Certified Agile Professional Six Sigma Global Institute
SSM Certified SAFe Scrum Master Scaled Agile
SSMC Scaled Scrum Master Certified Scrumstudy.org
STAC Scrum Trainer Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
STMAC Scrum Team Member Accredited Certification Scrum-institute.org
TKP Team Kanban Practitioner Kanban University
True Agile Culture True Agile Culture Certification Center for Agile Leadership
True Agile Leader True Agile Leader Certification Level 1 Center for Agile Leadership
True Agile Team True Agile Team Certification Center for Agile Leadership

What to Do With This List of Agile and Scrum Certifications?

What should you do with this? Well, a couple of things. First, if you identify an agile or scrum certification that is out of date on our list, or missing from our list, please let us know via your comments below.

Second, you can simply enjoy the Circus!

Check out this related post which provides a 2021 Update on the Disciplined Agile Certifications from PMI.

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