You are currently viewing An Inventory of Agile and Scrum Certifications

An Inventory of Agile and Scrum Certifications

In early 2020, I wrote about the Circus of Agile Certifications and challenged myself to get a new Agile or Scrum Certification each week.

There were so many possible Agile and Scrum certifications at that time (over 250) that we thought it might be helpful to publish not only the complete inventory, but our own feedback on each certification as well as subscriber reviews. We launched a dedicated site to capture your feedback on the certifications as something of a ‘Yelp for Agile Certifications’.

Great idea but awful timing. Once the pandemic hit, we recognized that exposing the craziness of agile and scrum certifications was perhaps not the best use of our time :).

So I paused my quest for more certifications and stopped reviewing certifications. Ultimately we closed down the agile certifications review site. However, we thought that there might be value to provide the “Inventory Agile and Scrum Certifications” that we had captured. So we are including it here.

While new agile certifications are hitting the market every week, and existing certifications are getting rebranded or renamed, the list below provides a pretty good inventory of what is available right now in mid-2021.

Inventory of Agile and Scrum Certifications

Here is your list of agile and Scrum certifications, sorted by designation name. For your convenience, we have created a link to the provider website. If you find an error or if there are new certifications that you think should be included, please add a comment and we will make our best efforts to keep this list up to date.

DesignationCertificationCertifying Authority
1A-CSMAdvanced Certified Scrum MasterScrum Alliance
2A-CSPOAdvanced Certified Scrum Product OwnerScrum Alliance
3ACCAgile Coach CertificationAgile Scrum Academy
4Advanced Level Agile Technical TesterAdvanced Level Agile TechnicalInternational Testing Qualifications Board 
5Agile and Scrum CertificationAgile and Scrum CertificationEdwel
6Agile Business Consortium Scrum MasterAgile Business Consortium Scrum MasterAPM Group International
7Agile Business ConsultantAgile Business ConsultantAgile Business Consortium
8Agile Certified ProfessionalAgile Certified ProfessionalScrum Professionals
9Agile Change AgentAgile Change Agent CertificationAPM Group International
10Agile ExpertAgile ExperteConsulting Group
11Agile Leader Advanced PractitionerAgile Leader Advanced PractitionerAgile Business Consortium
12Agile Project ProfessionalAgile Project Professional certificationAgile Business Consortium
13Agile Project Trainer-CoachAgile Project Trainer-CoachAgile Business Consortium
14AgileBA FoundationAgile Business Analysis FoundationAPM Group International
15AgileBA PractitionerAgile Business Analysis PractitionerAPM Group International
16AgileBA Practitioner Re-RegistrationAgile Business Analysis Practitioner Re-RegistrationAPM Group International
17AgileDS FoundationAgile Digital Services – FoundationAPM Group International
18AgileDS PractitionerAgile Digital Services – PractitionerAPM Group International
19AgilePgM FoundationAgile Programme ManagementAPM Group International
20AgilePM FoundationAgile Project Management – FoundationAPM Group International
21AgilePM PractitionerAgile Project Management – PractitionerAPM Group International
22AgilePM Re-RegistrationAgilePM Practitioner Re-registrationAPM Group International
23AgileShift CertificationAgileSHIFT CertificationAxelos
24AHFCertified AgilityHealth FacilitatorAgility Health
25AKCAccredited Kanban ConsultantKanban University
26AKTAccredited Kanban TrainerKanban University
27APMAgile Program ManagerAgile Scrum Academy
28APS-SDProfessional Scrum
29APSMSAFe Agile Product and Solution ManagementScaled Agile
30ARCHCertified SAFe for ArchitectsScaled Agile
31ASESAFe Agile Software EngineerScaled Agile
32ASMAgile Scrum MasterAgile Scrum Academy
33CAACertified Agile AuditorICCA Council
34CABASQI Certified Agile Business AnalysisInternational Software Quality Institute
35CACCertified Agile CoachChicago State University
36CACCertified Agile CoachICCA Council
37CAECertified Agile EssentialsInternational Software Quality Institute
38CAECertified Agile ExpertICCA Council
39CAFCertified Agile FoundationICCA Council
40CAL IICertified Agile Leadership IIScrum Alliance
41CAL-ECertified Agile Leadership EssentialsScrum Alliance
42CAL-TCertified Agile Leadership for TeamsScrum Alliance
43CAL-OCertified Agile Leadership for OrganizationsScrum Alliance
44CAMCCertified Agile Marketing CoachAgile Marketing Academy
45CAMPCertified Agile Marketing PractitionerAgile Marketing Academy
46CAMSCertified Agile Marketing SpecialistAgile Marketing Academy
47CAMTCertified Agile Marketing TrainerAgile Marketing Academy
48CAPCertified Agile PractitionerICCA Council
49CAPOCertified Agile Process OwnerDevOps Institute
50CASMCertified Agile Service ManagerDevOps Institute
51CATCCertified Agile Transformation CoachChicago State University
52CBACBusiness Agility CoachesEnterprise Scrum
53CDAContinuous Delivery ArchitectDevOps Institute
54CDACertified Disciplined AgilistDisciplined Agile
55CDACCertified Disciplined Agile CoachDisciplined Agile
56CDACCertified Disciplined Agile CoachDisciplined Agile
57CDAICertified Disciplined Agile InstructorDisciplined Agile
58CDAPCertified Disciplined Agile PractitionerDisciplined Agile
59CEACCertified Enterprise Agility CoachChicago State University
60CECCertified Enterprise CoachScrum Alliance
61Certified Backlog Refinement PractitionerCertified Backlog Refinement PractitionerScrum Inc.
62Certified Lean Project ManagerCertified Lean Project ManagerIBQMI
63CESIEnterprise Scrum InstructorEnterprise Scrum
64CIECertified Implementation
65CKACCertified Kanban Ace CoachAgile Lion Institute
66CKAPCertified Kanban Ace PractitionerAgile Lion Institute
67CP- DSRCertified Professional  Data Science Using RDevOps Alliance
68CP- IOTFCertified Professional – IoT FoundationDevOps Alliance
69CP- MLDSFCertified Professional  Machine Learning and Data ScienceDevOps Alliance
70CP-AASTCertified Professional Agile Application Security TestingAgile Testing Alliance
71CP-AATCertified Professional  Automation Agile TestingAgile Testing Alliance
72CP-AMTCertified Professional – Appium for Mobile TestingAgile Testing Alliance
73CP-BATCertified Professional  Basic Agile TestingAgile Testing Alliance
74CP-CCTCertified Professional Cucumber Driven Continuous TestingAgile Testing Alliance
75CP-CPTCertified Professional – Continuous Performance TestingDevOps Alliance
76CP-DCBCertified Professional – DevOps Continuous BuildsDevOps Alliance
77CP-DCDCertified Professional – DevOps Continuous DeliveryDevOps Alliance
78CP-DCMCertified Professional – DevOps Continuous MonitoringDevOps Alliance
79CP-DCTCertified Professional – DevOps Continuous TestingDevOps Alliance
80CP-DevSecOpsCertified Professional – DevSecOpsDevOps Alliance
81CP-DOFCertified Professional  DevOps FoundationDevOps Alliance
82CP-DOFECertified Professional  DevOps Foundation for ExecutivesDevOps Alliance
83CP-ETCertified Professional – Exploratory TestingDevOps Alliance
84CP-HDACertified Professional – Hadoop AdministratorDevOps Alliance
85CP-HDFCertified Professional – Hadoop FoundationDevOps Alliance
86CP-HDSCertified Professional – Hadoop with SparkDevOps Alliance
87CP-M-AATCertified Professional  Mobile Automation Agile TestingAgile Testing Alliance
88CP-M-MATCertified Professional  Mobile  Master Agile TestingAgile Testing Alliance
89CP-MATCertified Practitioner  Manual Agile TestingAgile Testing Alliance
90CP-SATCertified Professional  Selenium Automation TestingAgile Testing Alliance
91CP-SAT AdvancedCertified Professional  Selenium Automation TestingAgile Testing Alliance
92CP-TDMCertified Professional Test Data ManagementAgile Testing Alliance
93CP-WSTCertified Professional  Web Services TestingAgile Testing Alliance
94CS@SPScrum Scale Certified PractitionerScrum at Scale, LLC 
95CS@TCertified Scrum Scale TrainerScrum at Scale, LLC 
96CSDCertified Scrum DeveloperScrum Alliance
97CSMCertified Scrum MasterScrum Alliance
98CSPCertified Scrum ProfessionalScrum Alliance
99CSP-POCertified Scrum Professional  Product OwnerScrum Alliance
100CSP-SMCertified Scrum Professional  Scrum MasterScrum Alliance
101CSPOCertified Scrum Product OwnerScrum Alliance
102CSSCSoftware Scaling CoachesEnterprise Scrum
103CSTCertified Scrum TrainerScrum Alliance
104CTCCertified Team CoachScrum Alliance
105CTFL-ATCertified Tester Foundation Level Agile TesterSoftware Quality Institute
106DASMDisciplined Agile Scrum MasterDisciplined Agile
107DASSMDisciplined Agile Senior Scrum MasterDisciplined Agile
108DevOps CertificationDevOps CertificationAgile Scrum Academy
109DevOps FoundationDevOps FoundationDevOps Institute
110DevOps-ARCHCertified DevOps
111DevOps-COACertified DevOps
112DevOps-DEVCertified DevOps
113DevOps-EXECCertified DevOps
114DevOps-GENCertified DevOps
115DevOps-OPSCertified DevOps Operations
116DevOps-PMCertified DevOps Project
117DevOps-POCertified DevOps Product
118DevOps-QACertified DevOps Quality Assurance
119DevOps-RMCertified DevOps Release
120DevOps-SECCertified DevOps Information Security
121DevOps-TRACertified DevOps
122DOLDevOps LeaderDevOps Institute
123DSOEDevSecOps EngineeringDevOps Institute
124DTEDevOps Test EngineeringDevOps Institute
125EACExpert Agile
126EBASEnterprise Business Agility StrategistAgility Health
127ESCExpert Scrum
128ESFExpert Scrum
129ESMExpert Scrum
130ESMCExpert Scrum Master
131ESPOExpert Scrum Product
132ESTExpert Scrum
133EXIN Agile CoachEXIN Agile CoachEXIN
134EXIN Agile Scrum FoundationEXIN Agile Scrum FoundationEXIN
135EXIN Agile Scrum MasterEXIN Agile Scrum MasterEXIN
136EXIN Agile Scrum Product OwnerEXIN Agile Scrum Product OwnerEXIN
137EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner BridgeEXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner BridgeEXIN
138Foundation Certificate in AgileBCS Foundation Certificate in AgileChartered Institute for IT
139Foundation Level Agile TesterFoundation Level Agile TesterInternational Testing Qualifications Board 
140HR-TALCertified Agile HR & Talent StrategistAgility Health
141IBQMI Approved Kanban ProfessionalIBQMI Approved Kanban ProfessionalIBQMI
142IBQMI Certified Kanban CoachIBQMI Certified Kanban CoachIBQMI
143IBQMI Lean Enterprise ArchitectIBQMI Lean Enterprise ArchitectIBQMI
144IBQMI TQM PractitionerIBQMI TQM PractitionerIBQMI
146IBQMICertified Scrumban PractitionerIBQMICertified Scrumban PractitionerIBQMI
147ICANInternational Certified Agile NinjaHenry Harvin
148ICE-ACICAgile Certified Expert In Agile CoachingICAgile
149ICE-AEICAgile Certified Expert In Agile EngineeringICAgile
150ICE-ATICAgile Certified Expert In Agile TestingICAgile
151ICE-CMAICAgile Certified Master AgilistICAgile
152ICE-DMDelivery ManagementICAgile
153ICE-DOICAgile Certified Expert In DevOpsICAgile
154ICE-POProduct OwnershipICAgile
155ICPICAgile Certified ProfessionalICAgile
156ICP-ACCAgile CoachingICAgile
157ICP-ALPAgile LeadershipICAgile
158ICP-APMAgile Project and Delivery ManagementICAgile
159ICP-APOAgile Product OwnershipICAgile
160ICP-ASDAgile Sofware DesignICAgile
161ICP-ATAAgile Test AutomationICAgile
162ICP-ATFAgile Team FacilitationICAgile
163ICP-BAFBusiness Agility FoundationsICAgile
164ICP-CATCoaching Agile TransitionsICAgile
165ICP-DASDelivery at ScaleICAgile
166ICP-ECEnterprise CoachingICAgile
167ICP-ENTAgility in the EnterpriseICAgile
168ICP-EPOEnterprise Product OwnershipICAgile
169ICP-FDOFoundations of DevOpsICAgile
170ICP-FINAgile FinanceICAgile
171ICP-IDOImplementing DevOpsICAgile
172ICP-MKGAgile MarketingICAgile
173ICP-PRGAgile ProgrammingICAgile
174ICP-TALAgile TalentICAgile
175ICP-TSTAgile TestingICAgile
176IREBIREB RE Agile PrimerInternational Software Quality Institute
177iSQI Scrum Master ProSQI Scrum Master ProInternational Software Quality Institute
178KCPKanban Coaching ProfessionalKanban University
179KMMKanban Maturity ModelKanban University
180KMP IKanban System DesignKanban University
181KMP IIKanban Management ProfessionalKanban University
182LeSS  ExecutivesCertified Less for ExecutivesLarge Scale Scrum 
183LeSS  PractitionerCertified LeSS PractitionerLarge Scale Scrum 
184LeSS – BasicsCertified LeSS BasicsLarge Scale Scrum 
185LeSS – LeSS Friendly Scrum TrainerLeSS Friendly Scrum TrainerLarge Scale Scrum 
186LeSS – TrainerCertified LeSS TrainerLarge Scale Scrum 
187Licensed Agile CoachLicensed Agile CoachScrum Inc.
188Licensed Scrum TrainerLicensed Scrum TrainerScrum Inc.
189LPMSAFe Lean Portfolio ManagementScaled Agile
190NextgileNextgile Business Process Agility ProfessionalSoftware Quality Institute
191OACIOpenSpace Agility Certified InstructorOpenSpace Agility
192OSA1OpenSpace Agility certificate of completion:  Level 1OpenSpace Agility
193OSA2OpenSpace Agility Professional: Level 2OpenSpace Agility
194OST1Open Space Practitioner Level 1OpenSpace Agility
195OST2Open Space Practitioner Level 2OpenSpace Agility
196PALProfessional Agile
197PAQPractitioner in Agile QualityInternational Software Quality Institute
198PARAPersonal Agility System – Recognized AmbassadorPersonal Agility Institute
199PAREPersonal Agility System – Recognized EnthusiastPersonal Agility Institute
200PARPPersonal Agility System – Recognized PractitionerPersonal Agility Institute
201PMI-ACPPMI Agile Certified PractitionerPMI
202POCPProduct Owner Certified ProfessionalScrum Professionals
203POIProduct Owner InstructorScrumAgile Institute
204POPMCertified SAFe Product Owner / Product ManagerScaled Agile
205Practitioner Certificate in AgileBCS Practitioner Certificate in AgileChartered Institute for IT
206Prince2 Agile FoundationPrince2 Agile Foundation CertificateAxelos
207Prince2 Agile PractitionerPrince2 Agile Practitioner CertificationAxelos
208Product Owner CertificationProduct Owner CertificationAgile Scrum Academy
209PSKProfessional Scrum with
210PSMProfessional Scrum Master
211PSM IIIProfessional Scrum Master
212PSM-IIProfessional Scrum Master
213PSPO IProfessional Scrum Product Owner
214PSPO IIProfessional Scrum Product Owner
215PSPO IIIProfessional Scrum Product Owner
216PSUProfessional Scrum with User
217RE@AgileRE Agile Advanced LevelInternational Software Quality Institute
218RTECertified SAFe Release Train EngineerScaled Agile
219SACertified SAFe AgilistScaled Agile
220SAMCSCRUMstudy Agile Master
221SASMCertified SAFe Advanced Scrum MasterScaled Agile
222SC4JDScrum Certification for Java
223SC4MDScrum Certification for Mobile App
224SC4WDScrum Certification for Web
225SCACScrum Coach Accredited
226SCACSCRUMstudy Certified Agile
227Scrum Certification CourseScrum Certification CourseAgile Scrum Academy
228Scrum in Hardware – Train the TrainerScrum in Hardware – Train the TrainerScrum Inc.
229Scrum MentorScrum MentorScrumAgile Institute
230SCTSCRUMstudy Certified
231SDScrum DeveloperScrumAgile Institute
232SDCScrum Developer
233SDIScrum Developer InstructorScrumAgile Institute
234SDPSAFe DevOps PractitionerScaled Agile
235SFCScrum Fundamentals
236SGPCertified SAFe Government PractitionerScaled Agile
237SLACAgile Scrum Leadership Executive Accredited
238SMScrum MasterScrumAgile Institute
239SMACScrum Master Accredited
240SMCScrum Master
241SMCPScrum Master Certified ProfessionalScrum Professionals
242SMIScrum Master InstructorScrumAgile Institute
243SPCertified SAFe PractitionerScaled Agile
244SPCCertified SAFe Program ConsultantScaled Agile
245SPOScrum Product OwnerScrumAgile Institute
246SPOACScrum Product Owner Accredited
247SPOCScrum Product Owner
248SPSScaled Professional
249SREFSRE FoundationDevOps Institute
250SSEACScaled Scrum Expert Accredited
251SSMCertified SAFe Scrum MasterScaled Agile
252SSMCScaled Scrum Master
253STACScrum Trainer Accredited
254STMACScrum Team Member Accredited
255TKPTeam Kanban PractitionerKanban University
256True Agile CultureTrue Agile Culture CertificationCenter for Agile Leadership
257True Agile LeaderTrue Agile Leader Certification Level 1Center for Agile Leadership
258True Agile TeamTrue Agile Team CertificationCenter for Agile Leadership

What to Do With This List of Agile and Scrum Certifications?

What should you do with this? Well, a couple of things. First, if you identify an agile or scrum certification that is out of date on our list, or missing from our list, please let us know via your comments below.

Second, you can simply enjoy the Circus!

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Jeff

    You are missing all of the certifications

    1. Anthony Mersino

      Hi Jeff, I’ve never heard of the certifications. Are they new? A quick web search reveals the org website but no list of the certifications.

      If you can provide the names for the certifications, I will add them.

  2. Jay

    Great stuff as usual Anthony! I wonder if it would be interesting to step back and see the patterns how professions get, well “professionalized” we might say. I suspect other professions have gone through this kind of chaos, as an interim state until the traditional schools finally come around to incorporating many aspects, and professional associations emerge to govern. For example my wife is an Occupational Therapists and now teaches it at a graduate level OT is also a very skills based profession, has been around since WW I, and I see a similar pattern. Let’s catch up some time on what patterns we are seeing, for example at the universities like the ones we have both taught for.

  3. Vaidheswaran CS

    Currently, from January 2021 onwards the Scrum Alliance is offering CAL under 3 different certifications like CAL-E, CAL-O & CAL-T instead of CAL- 1 Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials/ Organization / Teams.

    1. Anthony Mersino

      Thanks for comment Vaidheswaran! I’ve updated the list to include the various flavors of CAL.

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