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Best Agile Podcasts for 2022


Podcasts are a great way to learn and stay on top of topics of interest. Those of us who are fans of agile ways of working are lucky to have many great podcasts to choose from. This post provides an overview of the active and popular podcasts along with my recommended best agile podcasts.

The list below only includes podcasts that are currently active. I know that maintaining a podcast is tough work and some podcasts have launched with fanfare and then quietly fizzled. (I had a similar experience with videocasting and Fresh Agile Voices).

Below is the list I am using as a starting point. It is sorted alphabetically. Over the next few months I am going to put in some time to go through these, confirming that they are still active, and listen to a few episodes of each. I will publish what I learn here in this space.

Finding the Best Agile Podcasts

What makes for a “best agile podcast”? We all have different tastes and interests obviously. In looking for the “best”, I will consider some of the following:

    • The stay awake factor – Does it hold my interest?
    • Technical – Is the sound quality good and consistent?
    • Learning – Does it provide insights that add to my knowledge and understanding?
    • Entertainment – In addition to learning, is it entertaining? (I supposed this is quite similar to the stay awake factor).
    • Accurate – Does the podcast provide information that is factually correct? I don’t want any Q content, conspiracy theories or anything weird like that.

The Pool of Podcasts we are Considering for Best Agile Podcasts

We have compiled the following list by searching online as well as posting the question in LinkedIn. It is a pretty solid list and thank you to all of you who contributed ideas.

My next step will be to listen to each of these. Some of these I have already tune into. For those, the latest episodes are downloaded to my phone automatically as they become available.

For the others, I am going to have to invest some time to listen, learn, and log my reactions.

Active Agile Podcasts

Podcast TitleHost
1(Re)Learning LeadershipPete Behrens
2#AgileWay PodcastZuzana Zuzi Sochova
35amMesterScrumGreg Mester
4Agile AmpedAlalia Lundy, Leslie Morse, Emilia Breton
5Agile Book Club PodcastJustyna Pindel and Paul Klipp
6Agile Coaches’ CornerDan Neumann
7Agile Coaching NetworkRay Arell
8Agile for HumansRyan Ripley and Todd Miller
9Agile in Action with Bill RaymondBill Raymond
10Agile Mentors PodcastBrian Milner
11Agile Toolkit PodcastBob Payne
12Agile UprisingAgileUprising
13Agile.FMJochen (Joe) Krebs
14Badass AgileFuse Chamber, Inc
15The ChangelogAdam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo
16The Coaching Conversation with Salah ElleithySalah Elleithy
17The Daily StandupAgileDad
18Deliver It CastCory Bryan
19Drunk AgileDan Vacanti & Prateek Singh
20Drunken PMDave Prior
21Engineering Culture by InfoQInfoQ
22Gemba Academy PodcastRon Pereira
23LeadingAgileDave Prior
24LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Matters PodcastBen Maynard
25Manager ToolsManager Tools
26Mastering AgilitySander Dur
27Meta-CastBob & Josh
28Modern Change ManagementSarika Kharbanda
29No Nonsense Agile PodcastMurray Robinson & Shane Gibson
30Organizational Transformation Kung FuSandi Verrecchia and Jennifer T Long
31Product ThinkingMelissa Perri
32Roman’s Product Management PodcastRoman Pichler
33Scrum Master ToolboxVasco Duarte
34SPaM (Software Project and Measurement) CastThomas Cagley
35Troubleshooting AgileDouglas and Jeffrey
36Women in Agile PodcastWomen in Agile Org sponsored by
37The Working Genius PodcastPatrick Lencioni

Inactive Agile Podcasts

The following list of podcasts seem to be inactive.

Podcast TitleHost
1Agile Chicago StyleRick Waters
2Agile Clips PodcastSantosh Kolhatkar and Steve Sanoff
3Agile In 3 MinutesAmitai Schleier
4The Agile PubcastPaul Goddard and Geoff Watts
5Bridging Agile and Professional Coaching Worlds PodcastTandem Coaching Academy
6The Liberators NetworkChristiaan Verwijs and Barry Overeem
7Trundl Talks | Dialogue with Industry ExpertsTrundl Inc
8Upward Talk podcastGeorge, Nikos and Yiannis
9Wemanity } A day in the life of an agile CoachGerd-Jan van Gils

Thanks in advance for your help!


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