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Case Study of Agile Adoption at ASCP

ascp client success story

Anthony Mersino

March 29, 2023

10:30 PM

We started supporting the Information and Technology Team at the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) in early 2022. During that time, the team made significant strides in improving their alignment, delivery, productivity, and predictability. Just as important, they’ve gotten accolades from their internal customers.

The attached case study outlines our support of ASCP which started with a set of agility assessments. Those assessments resulted in a set of recommended actions that ASCP took to improve its agility. That resulted in a boost in productivity and an increase in customer satisfaction.

DOWNLOAD THE ASCP Customer Success Story 2023


The ASCP Agile Success Case Study

When CIO Mark Moen joined ASCP in January of 2021, he found a technology organization with strong technical skills as well as a history of delivery challenges that included:

  • Poor quality and reliability
  • Outdated development processes
  • Reliance on custom application development
  • Inconsistent use of tooling
  • Lack of delivery predictability
  • Key person dependencies

Moen reached out to Vitality Chicago to support the team to adopt agile ways of working. Here is a summary of the steps taken:

  • Conducted Comparative Agility Assessments – We leveraged the Comparative Agility Assessment tool to create a baseline measure of the teams agility. That provided a clear picture of team strengths, areas of improvement, as well as recommendations for improvements.
  • Conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey – We also conducted a customer satisfaction survey that included quality, speed, transparency, collaboration and overall satisfaction.
  • Provided Agile Training – All teams members and key stakeholders attended a two-day Agile for Teams training course.
  • Provided Agile Coaching – Vitality Chicago provided a coach to support the team and provide Scrum Master support.

The results after just one year are impressive. By adopting agile ways of working, the ASCP Information and Technology team was able to:

  • Improve delivery predictability
  • Reduce production outages
  • Establish the habit of continuous improvement
  • Boost team engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce key person dependencies

Perhaps most importantly, the internal customers of the Information and Technology Team have taken notice. The chart below shows the improvements in various aspects of customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction ASCP Agile Case Study

Here are a few sample quotes from the customer satisfaction survey:

I have witnessed a greatly improved level of communication and collaboration with the I&T team during the past year.  The enhanced level of transparency is also very much appreciated.

The entire team is great and fast on resolving issues/projects.

— ASCP Internal Customer

Download the Agile Case Study ASCP Customer Success Story 2023 for more details. Please reach out to us if you are interested in conducting an agility assessment for one or more of your teams. Get objective insights into team strengths, opportunities for improvement and a clear set of actionable recommendations.

Boost your team productivity today with help from Vitality Chicago Inc!

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