How to Succeed as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

How to Succeed as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

Being an Agile Coach or a Scrum Master is challenging!  We’ve created this page of agile coaching resources to help you to grow to become more skillful, and improve the productivity and effectiveness of your team.

Whether it is deepening your understanding of the rules of Scrum, improving your ability to lead scrum events skillfully, or simply hearing stories about coaching that didn’t work, we hope you will find the resources on this page useful.

Agile Coaching Articles

We’ve written extensively about Agile coaching from both the coaches perspective and the Agile Leader perspective.

Agile Coaching Articles for Agile Leaders

Coaching Articles for Agile Coaches

Articles for both Scrum Masters and Coaches

The following articles are primarily directed to Scrum Masters though Agile coaches may find them useful as well.

Top 10 Recommended Books for New Scrum Masters

General Scrum References

Articles on the Retrospectives & Continuous Improvement

Tips on Effective Measures & Metrics

Coaching to Create High Performance Teams


Anthony Mersino

Anthony Mersino is the founder of Vitality Chicago, an Agile Training and Coaching firm devoted to helping Teams THRIVE and Organizations TRANSFORM. He is also the author of two books, Agile Project Management, and Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers.

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