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Who has the Most Agile Coaches?

Top Agile Coaching Providers7

One of the more popular posts I wrote earlier this year was about how to become an Agile Coach. So You Want to be an Agile Coach explained how to become an Agile Coach. The best part of that post was that it featured short video snippets of coaching advice from 10 seasoned Agile Coaches.

One reader reached out to me to ask who is hiring agile coaches right now. My short answer was, everyone! I see why named Agile Coach as one of the Best Jobs of 2019!

Consulting Firms that Hire Agile Coaches

It also got me thinking, which consulting firms have the most Agile Coaches. And while I have done some digging, it is really really hard to get a handle on that.

One reason that it is hard is that there are so many independent contractors who are agile coaches. You almost can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an agile coach. (Why is anyone swinging dead cats?)

There are almost no published reports about the number of agile coaches by company. One of the few articles we found on the agile coaching market focused on compensation and coaches needed for Agile Transformation.

So we conducted multiple searches within LinkedIn to see how many people use the title of “Agile Coach” within companies. The results are admittedly not precise, but they may be directional enough to be useful.

Top Agile Coaching Providers

Based on that approach, here are the results:

top agile coaching provider table 2020_2

See something that doesn’t look correct? I’d like to invite you to crowdsource with me to make it more accurate. If you have information about agile coaches at these firms or others, please share it.

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