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Agile & Scrum Coaching Resources

Being a Scrum Master or Agile Coach is a challenging job!  We've created this page to help you to grow so that you can improve the productivity and effectiveness of your team.  Whether it is deepening your understanding of the rules of Scrum, improving your ability to lead scrum events skillfully, or simply hearing stories about coaching that didn't work, we hope you will find the resources on this page useful.

Agile Coaching

Try the Veal, and Other Agile Coaching Tips

Imagine that you have a favorite restaurant and that you go there all the time. The restaurant's specialty is the veal chop. You love the restaurant and the veal and you recommend it to everyone.  You have a good friend who visits your restaurant based on your recommendation. But rather than getting the veal, she orders the spaghetti and meatballs. Her husband orders the vegan burger, which BTW is terrible. They wind up very dissatisfied with the restaurant. 

How do you Coach in An Organization that Doesn’t Want Change?

Are you coaching uphill?

January 1 is a time that many people make resolutions about the new year. Lose weight. Work out more often. Eat more kale. Read more books. Be nicer to people. Don't kick the dog as much. And those are just a few of the things I had on my list.

Statistics show that nearly half of us abandon our resolutions within the first month of the year. Life and the inertia of old habits get in the way. So within a few days, weeks or months, most people will have abandoned their resolutions. 

What NOT to do as an Agile Coach

Earlier this year I wrote "What makes an Agile Coach Effective". I talked about how coaches won't succeed if people aren't ready or able to take in the coaching and how coaches fail when they tell people what they should do. I wrote it out of my own shortcomings as an Agile coach, and my recognition that I am still very much a work in progress.

What Makes an Agile Coach Effective

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about what makes a coach effective and how to improve my own effectiveness as an Agile coach. Many or most of us probably are in a position where we have an opportunity to coach others, whether that be our team members, our employees, even our bosses. As parents, we may be coaching our children and spouses. And we probably also have the experience where we are being coached by others.

What are the Top 10 Traits of An Agile Coach?

What are the top traits that an Agile Coach should have? Today there are more an more individuals hanging out a shingle and calling themselves Agile Coaches. And there are few standards or training programs directed at Agile Coaches. So how does an organization know what is desirable for Agile Coaches? The infographic above and the text below is my attempt to explain that. 

What is the "Exit Criteria" for Agile Coaching?

At a recent Agile Meetup we talked about exit criteria for Agile coaching. Participants wanted to know how to determine when an Agile Coach is no longer needed. I flippantly responded with “when the budget runs out”, because that seems to be when most organizations stopped coaching.

One Meetup participant (who I previously coached) responded that the need for coaches is ongoing. As he put it, professional sports teams don’t outgrow their coaches, in fact, the higher the level the more coaching they get. It made me consider my own approach to coaching. 

When to Hire an Agile Coach

How does an organization decide it is time to hire an Agile Coach? What are the indications that coaching is needed?

Last week I wrote about exit criteria for Agile Coaching - how to know when you no longer need a coach. Thanks to those of you who shared your insights! This week I am looking at 'entrance criteria' for coaching. That is, how would an organization know that they needed a coach?

Here are some of the ideas that I came up with.