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Professional Scrum with User Experience Training (PSU)

December 7 @ 8:00 am - December 9 @ 1:00 pm

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Learn Scrum with User eXperience (UX) from Josh Seiden, author of Lean UX, Sense and Respond, and Outcomes Over Output, and Gary Pedretti, a Professional Scrum Trainer that Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum, describes as:

“…one who knows Scrum, agile, and software development with deep knowledge of how to create value and good outcomes…If you need help, want to talk with someone, and want facts rather than spin, talk to Gary.”

Course Summary

Professional Scrum With User Experience (PSU) Training is a 3-day (5 hours each) course where students with some Scrum experience will learn how to integrate modern UX practices, (UX is more than UI) into the way they are working in Scrum and how to work most effectively within Scrum Teams.

Course Outline

  • Scrum with UX enhances continuous learning
  • Framing work as problems to solve
  • Outcomes over outputs
  • Managing UX work in Scrum
  • Focus on users
  • Experimentation

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how cross functional Scrum Teams caninclude UX specialists
  • Learn to account for, manage,prioritize and include UX workin the Product Backlog
  • Explore how to balance discovery and delivery within a Scrum Team
  • Know how Scrum Teams create customer feedback loops within a Sprint
  • Ensure customer insight is included in Scrum events and decision-making
  • Communicate the Definition of “Done” in a world of continuous learning

Who Should Attend

Scrum Masters, Product Owners and anyone involved in the delivering the product (engineers, product managers, etc) as technology teams work better when they’re collaborating across disciplines and specialties.

  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Engineers
  • Product Managers


December 7 @ 8:00 am
December 9 @ 1:00 pm
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Instructors: Josh Seiden & Gary Pedretti


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