Jonathan was extremely attentive to everyone in the course, and made sure information was digestible, relevant, and helpful. The different perspectives from people in the course was helpful. Enjoyed the breakout rooms, the exercises and the use of Mural for collaborating – which helped visualize the content and kept us all engaged.

This was seriously a great course – keeping people interested and informed for 2 days is really tough – Jonathan was EXCELLENT! —Traci Ragas, PMP, CSM, Senior Project Manager

Great course a lot of interactive sessions. Jonathan Lee is a great Instructor. —Kaali Dass, PMP, CISM, Sr. Technical Program Manager

Jonathan was so knowledgeable. His pace was perfect and the collaborative exercises were very helpful. —Alix Monty, DASSM, PMP, PMI-ACP, Project Manager

The Agile for Practitioners Training was helpful in providing a good foundation. I love the hands-on experience through the various exercises. I recommend this course for giving me a practical understanding of how to apply Agile concepts. —Lakecia Whimper, Technology Project Manager

Jonathan Lee is a world class trainer and a recognized expert on Disciplined Agile. He delivers using a practical learning approach that will provide actionable insights and improved performance at the workplace right away. Our members were appreciative of his follow up and continued guidance, long after the training sessions, to help them prepare and pass the certification exam. I attended his training and found it intellectually stimulating and fun at the same time. I highly recommend Jonathan Lee to any organization that is looking for a transformative learning experience.  — Srinivas Saineni, PMP, DASM –  PMI Chicagoland Chapter President

I asked myself, what can I do to continue to stay relevant and thrive moving forward professionally? I took the opportunity to attend PMI’s Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) training workshop. This first level of certification effort expanded participants’ knowledge on lean and agile fundamentals, as well as introduced us to the DA tool kit. I received more insights on how to develop Ways of Working (WOW), combining existing practices and strategies, to be ready to modify them as needed, and address the situation at hand. The instructor, Jonathan Lee, has the expertise and practical know-how to relay what made sense, preparing us well to understand the concept and take the certification exam which I passed on my first attempt. When organizations acknowledge that change is inevitable in any initiative, I believe this to be a value-added approach to assist in achieving desired outcome. —Susan Leszczewicz, PMP, DASM – Senior Project Manager

Jonathan was very engaging and provided really good content in a short amount of time.  His delivery and mastery of DASSM was impressive! —Caesar Bernardo, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, Senior Technical Program Manager

Very good overview of DASSM; Jonathan did a great job facilitating the course. Scott Badskey, DASM, Director of Global PMO Portfolio and Process Management

I am a Project Manager with no prior knowledge of Discipline Agile. After completing the course and achieving my Discipline Agile Scrum Master Certification (DASM), I am confident to say that Jonathan Lee is an excellent instructor & coach. He was very clear, concise and easy to understand. He explained the material thoroughly and effectively. His methods of teaching and explaining the material are well thought out and taught at a level that the students can understand. He takes the time during class to answer any questions and help the students with any problem they may have. He even uses some of his personal time to answer questions and assist with technical issues. His enthusiasm and humor in class made the experience enjoyable, and his dedication to the course and his students is evident in his teachings. 
Joel Pryor, DASM, Project Manager

I attended Agile for Leaders presented by Anthony Mersino. He has an expert command of the Agile frameworks and he showed coaching techniques and Agile transformation tools and processes. Shawn McNamara, Executive Technology Leader and Liaison

All the info was presented in a manageable, clear, and life/work applicable manner. The instructor went beyond expectation. Additional support material and session was held to ensure we understood the material to use and for the exam. Cynthia Davis, PMP, DASM, Director of Certifications

I took the Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master course with Jonathan Lee in January. In terms of content, Disciplined Agile brings both structure and flexibility to the problem of developing the best way of working for a given team and situation. The process goal diagrams and reminders that context counts are highly useful. The inclusion of plentiful discussion about people skills (stages of teams, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution) was a good choice by those who developed the DASSM course.

Regarding the instructor, Jonathan actually demonstrated in miniature how to apply the concepts of DA – by the end of the first morning, it felt like the attendees were a healthy team working together on a common goal. He delivered the material well and made the three half days enjoyable. Jonathan was also highly effective in using online tools to do the course remotely.

I will be using the concepts from DASSM every day as a team lead/project manager. The week following the course I was already hearing questions such as “how do we get pure Agile teams to work effectively with traditional leadership?” and “how can we keep multiple interdependent teams releasing software as quickly as possible?” – questions I’m more prepared to help answer because of the DASSM content. Also, anyone who works with other people benefits from a better understanding of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution – I’m optimistic that this course will help me prevent “disagreements” from becoming “crusades”! I’d recommend this course to anyone who leads a team or plans to in the future – very valuable!
Phil Smeltz, PMP, DASSM – Senior Consultant

Anthony is the guru of Agile. His ability to understand team dynamics, organizational challenges and Sprint/Scrum/Agile principles are second to none! His training sessions are interactive, very engaging and effective. —Mary Beth LoVerdi, Senior Vice President, Client Digital Strategy & Product Management

Learning Disciplined Agile (DA) was one of the smartest moves I made in my project management career. I was able to quickly apply the principles in the public sector field within a few weeks after completing the training and I could not have achieved this without Jonathan Lee’s course. His course provides a good overview of agile and how DA takes agile to the next level.

He uses course exercises and group discussions effectively to illustrate complex topics. And he discusses effective ways to study for the DASM certification at the end of the course. But the most benefit I got was that I was able to apply the lessons immediately after the course and implement DA on a current project. I highly recommend DA and I highly recommend Jonathan’s course.
Rob Roque, PMP  – Technology Services Manager

Jonathan Lee’s well structured training, and post-class guidance was instrumental in helping me achieve the DASM certification. The pre-work, course material along with engaging individual/team exercises and exam tips gave me the confidence to not just pass the exam on my first attempt, but also apply DA learnings at solve business transformation challenges. Do not be surprised if you become a disciplined agile champion, after interacting with Jonathan! Sunil Chainani, PMP, DASM – Program Manager – IT PMO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the DASSM training! Loved context driven and pragmatic WOW tool kit with goal-driven approach which is more flexible and easier to scale at the enterprise level than other agile frameworks/methods. I would apply the learnings in my personal life as well as at work.

The attitude of the instructor towards teaching and the trainees is crucial. The instructor requires motivation to teach and motivation comes from inner drive to achieve something. You are dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and engaging instructor. The way you blended collaborative tool “Mural”, instruction slides, DA Browser etc. was amazing which made the training course interactive and effective. You were able to tailor the techniques of presentation to meet diverse categories of learners.

Jonathan, you are not just a terrific and precise DA Instructor & Coach but also an inspiring person. Glad that I registered for the training and took it otherwise I would have missed great learning experience. Thank you again for sharing your insights and knowledge on DA in an easy and practical way which made the training very interesting!

I would recommend you as DA Instructor & Coach and would join your next learning session on “DA Coach” soon. Thank you for being an amazing instructor! Susmita Sharma, PMP, DASSM, Senior Consultant

Jonathan Lee taught the DASM concepts using a true practical application approach that one can understand and apply.  I was able to apply the skills immediately… and taking this course has given me a clearer vision, direction and greater knowledge about the many PM Agile resources that exist. Catherine Kolecki, M.Ed., PMP, DASM – VP of Professional Development

I liked the overview of the DASM and now have a clear understanding of “Agile” and how DA is Agile done right. Samuel Turner, PMP, DASM, Senior Managing Director

Jonathan is an excellent trainer and Disciplined Agile Coach! I attended the DASM training class and was very impressed with his vast knowledge of DA , his approach to conducting the class, and the whole aspect, topics and format were just great. He makes the class very engaging with lots of opportunities to participate and learn, even for those who were new to Agile practices. I would highly recommend his class as you start your journey to a new “WOW” way of working. Ura Puranda, PMP, DASM, IT Portfolio Manager

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